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Vince Russo

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13 hours ago, Blehschmidt said:

The Russo Brand?

LOL. Is this a paid shill? or is Vince Russo trolling message boards now?

Yeah coming in to bump a years old thread to offer a gentle "it's just a joke, bro" smacks of sock-puppetry.  

Dude's the Fox News of wrestling: build up viewers by trolling/misremembering/straight up lying then send your drones to attack anyone who points it out and call them fake news. 

Not to mention he's damaged several companies in the process. His "creative" was the last push to send WCW circling down the drain, and his and Dixie's fuckery made TNA untouchable to any real TV network.  His only claim to fame is that even he couldn't fuck it up when the WWF had Steve Austin, DX, and the Rock all in their primes. Even then it's no surprise to look back on that era and realize everything that didn't involve any of those three was likely total shit.

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50 minutes ago, flyonthewall2983 said:

Michael Bay?

That's almost an insult to Bay, though they both peaked "artistically" in the late '90s.

Freidberg and Seitzer is probably a good comparison, though.

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