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[1992-02-09-WCW-Main Event] Interview: Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton & Paul E. Dangerously


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This was an interesting promo. Paul E. reminds everyone that he used to sit in the booth and praise the Steiners as the best team in the world, and Anderson laments to "JR" that he thinks there's something wrong with the world when people with college degrees can't get jobs. In the story of his career, Bobby stays in the background and says nothing.

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This was a tremendous low-key promo from Paul and Arn. It puts the Steuners over like a million bucks, but says the DA is worth a million and one. I liked that Paul brought up his praise of the Steiners from the booth; too many times heel managers give their opponents either no credit or grudging credit, so this is a nice change of pace.


Arn does a masterful job tying this situation to real life; unlike most of the rest of America, Paul and the DA are willing to take chances on each other, and that's what makes them great. Could Arn spin a yarn or what? With that kind of verbal firepower behind him, Bobby could afford to be the strong, silent type, like he was with Corny and Stan.


This has to be one of the first recorded instances of Jim Ross being referred to as JR, although I think Flair did it once in a while before this. I don't think it ever caught on in WCW the way it did later in the WWF, though.


Paul's wrong about one thing: the Steiners do come off the top, though hardy with Bobby's athletic skill and grace.


I'm almost glad we don't have to hear the Steiners' answer to this; if they do their usual schtick, they'll come across as a couple of real meatheads compared to the cultured, educated gentlemen of the DA.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-02-09-WCW-Main Event] Interview: Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton & Paul E. Dangerously

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