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[1992-03-14-WWF-Superstars] Nailz vignette


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I question the legal proceedings that allowed someone of the state of mind of Nailz to be set free. Maybe there was some subtle political campaigning on the WWF's part going on--"This is what will happen if you vote Clinton."


Kelly's voice and delivery are ridiculous. Watching all the DiBiase and Heenan promos regarding the Boss Man from the past two years, it seems likely that they were sitting on this idea for some time.

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Amazed that I recognized Nailz's voice immediately. I probably haven't seen anything with Nailz since it originally aired 20+ years ago. Looking back, it's interesting how this feud went from the first promo in March all the way until the first match between Nailz and Boss Man at Survivor Series. Today, this would be a two month program, if that.

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I think they may have been going for some kind of voice distortion thing, which Nailz is doing so the "authorities" don't catch him making threats to Bossman and extend his sentence, thus depriving him of the chance to get his revenge.


As most have said before me, this wasn't much in itself, but it did function as a sort of preview of coming attractions, for both better and worse.

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