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[1992-03-07-WCW-Saturday Night] WCW Magazine


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Why is Nikita Koloff in WCW? Announcers have been trying to get that information from him, but he's being elusive until he talks to Sting. Rude choked out Steamboat. Tom Zenk got a pinfall over Greg Valentine. Then, we get a fan question asking if the Steiners if they'd ever get a manager to deal with all the outside interference in their matches. Rick sort of makes sense in his response.

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Yes, Bischoff is no Mean Gene. I miss Solie on these.


Nikita cuts a promo with Jim Ross asking "you know who you are" for a sitdown and talk regarding his return to WCW.


Z-Man pins Greg Valentine with Valentine's standard go-for-the-figure-four-and-get-small-packaged finish. This combined with Bagwell's PPV victory over Terry Taylor leads to a U.S. tag title match. Bischoff pours it on a bit thick but that's effective enough build-up for a championship that's completely lost all meaning.


Rick Steiner explains why he and his brother don't have a manager to combat the Dangerous Alliance.

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Anyone who doesn't know exactly who Nikita's referring to must have just started watching. Come on, guys, we don't need mystery for everything!


Beating Valentine in WCW isn't exactly a stepping stone for Zenk. It would have been more impressive if Greg had beaten and crippled him instead, US tag belts notwithstanding.


Am I the only one who believes that as crazy as Rick's supposed to be, he's still a better promo than Scott? His answer to the fan's question makes a ton of sense when you think about it.


I'll comment on the Steamer/Rude stuff in the Steamer/Arn match thread when I get there.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-03-07-WCW-Saturday Night] WCW Magazine

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