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[1992-07-17-CMLL] Pirata Morgan vs Vampiro (Hair vs Hair)


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It's 1992 lucha libre, what are we supposed to do, IGNORE Vampiro? As much as I'd love to, not really an option. Last few minutes of a hair match. When you're watching CMLL, a promotion that does a horrible job of making their crowds audible, and then it doesn't have the best VQ in the world and the crowd heat is still really loud, you kinda get an idea of Vampiro's level of stardom at the time. Pirata carries things and does a fine job. HUGE pop for the finish, as Vamp takes the victory and Pirata loses his hair.

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Being scrawny to the point of barely looking like an athlete works if you're a scuzzy punk like Norio Honaga, or in an ultimate underdog role like PG-13. For a guy pushed as a heartthrob...well, he's over, but I just don't get it. Is it just because the Mexican ladies found him exotic-looking? This is incredibly heated but not a lot of it makes a great deal of sense from a work or psychology standpoint. Both guys try but Vampiro isn't good and Morgan doesn't exactly cover himself with glory either. The squeals for Vamp's victory are in-fucking-sane, though.

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There wasn't enough here to really get a feel for the match, though the pop for Vampiro's win was as insane as advertised. I'd really have to see this in full to have any further comment.


I wonder how many pirates ever sailed the Seven Seas bald-headed like Pirata will be going forward?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-07-17-CMLL] Pirata Morgan vs Vampiro (Hair vs Hair)
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