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[1992-09-05-USWA-TV] Interview: Tommy Rich


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Buddy Landell is there by phone because he's out buying a ranch?? This is funny because he's making fun of the old people who are being foreclosed and the old woman outside pushing a mule, and he says they are going to have to work for them for six months for free, but this makes no sense at all.

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The stuff about the ranch belongs in a WCW mini-movie. The stuff about beating Dundee and JYD is standard. Put it all together and it's only a slight step above dreck. There was only one decent line: Tommy's "You got the Great White Hope (Dundee) and the Great Black Hope (JYD). Well, after Monday night there ain't gonna be no hope for either of 'em!"


The Hornet lives! I guess the King's magic facepaint did him no good, as he's a jobber already.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-09-05-USWA-TV] Interview: Tommy Rich
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