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[1992-09-06-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Razor Ramon


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I would have loved to see Savage keep the gold long enough for a Savage-Razor feud to mean something. The character seems too important to be reduced to Flair and Curt's running buddy right off the bat, though I suppose they needed someone fresh to be Flair's partner against Savage and Warrior (which is where they thought they were headed at the time).


I can't believe how well Hall's nailed this gimmick from day one. The more I think about it, the more I'd put Razor right up there with The Million Dollar Man as the top two heel gimmicks of the Hulkamania era (which is still going on, at least technically). Even Curt didn't do this well with Mr. Perfect, and I consider Bossman an extension of the real Ray Traylor rather than a WWF-created gimmick.


I loved Heenan talking about cruising the hood in Razor's car with dice hanging from the mirror, which would normally embarrass a man like him to death. I don't know if I'd have put him with Hall if he was still managing, though. There's something a bit rough about Razor that simply doesn't fit the Brain's style.


Gino wanted so badly to crap on and dismiss Razor, but couldn't bring himself to do it. At this late date, that's what passes for high praise from him when it comes to heels, at least on the air.

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Loved Razor here.  He's so great at making you believe he is the gimmick despite how far away from Scott Hall it is.  Something tells me that Hall might have been the most wrestling-smart of the guys in the Kliq, but the drugs and booze kept him away from his true potential.  I've also heard people talk about how difficult he was to deeal with, so that may have factored into it.

Not sure I enjoy how the WWF aired their TV/PPVs and the different markets and how damn confusing that had to be for the people in charge of what aired when.  How often did that lead to spoilers I wonder.

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