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[1992-10-17-WWF-Superstars] Update: The Ultimate Maniacs and more


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The Ultimate Maniacs join on this avalanche of acclimiation for the Excellence of Execution (through shades of maniacism). Oh, come ON--Savage and Warrior decked out entirely in red and yellow? I feel really bad for saying this about Savage considering how much greatness he's provided, but I'm ready for both of these guys to go away. I'm now convinced that Vince shunting Savage to commentary was the right move, at least for the short-term. Between the Ultimate Maniacs there is a bond that will last FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. That's hilarious in hindsight.


WHy in God's name is Flair smiling and giggling??! Even as someone who's not always a fan of that side of Flair, Ric should be ripping his robe off and dropping elbows on it.


Total mess of a segment, which shows how much the WWF Machine struggled with big, last-minute booking changes. Granted, they'd improve on this aspect very, very soon.

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Wow, this segment was goofy.


It's tough to tell which of the promos was wackier. I don't think Flair was smiling and giggling in a happy sense; I think he was trying to come off as unhinged and being driven to the breaking point by losing the title. Speaking of which, Bret's win got a few seconds of lip service at the beginning of each promo, but the vast majority of these were devoted to hyping the Survivor Series and the big tag match that, of course, happened quite a bit differently than anyone thought it would. I guess I can understand that, but I would have loved to have heard something from Flair about wanting the belt back, or even from Hall about wanting to take it. But I guess it's easy come, easy go as far as Flair goes. Why worry about the World title when you can obsess about a couple of shades-wearing freaks from (seemingly) another planet?


As for the Maniacs, just like with the Megapowers, Warrior and Savage each bring out the worst in each other on the mic. What's worse is that each is starting to sound like the other, although Savage has rivaled Warrior in the gobbledygook department more than once over the years. Warrior trying to sound like a hipster, on the other hand, is just tragic. And was I the only one who expected someone to start singing the Hallelujah Chorus when these two nuts ranted about their bond lasting forever and ever, alleluia, alleluia......oh, sorry, lost my head there for a minute, just like them!


I don't know about (in essence) suspending Randy from wrestling right after this run being the right move on Vince's part, but what else is there to do if you can't think of anyone else for him to feud with? Maybe they should have had him feud with Lawler instead of Bret, since he was a former King, but Bret-Lawler was their most intense feud in years, so it's tough to second-guess that decision. At least he'd been on commentary before and wasn't too bad at it once he settled into the role.

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So between this, the Bret interview and the time machine Backlund segment I am confused.  Did this all air on the same show???  Every part of it seemed so different.  And I know that you are supposed to have some variety on the show.  It just seems like this segment is the more of-the-time WWF segment, Bret's interview was almost like a WCW babyface promo and the Backlund deal was trying to bring back the WWWF of the late 70s.

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