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[1992-10-24-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher vs Danny Davis


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They both do a little trash talking before the match, and the stipulation is that the loser gets a dozen eggs smashed on his head. Christopher loses, and Davis decides to break the first egg himself, then let 11 fans break the remaining ones. I cracked up when he told one fan they couldn't use government cheese! Christopher is awesome during all of this.

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The trash talking at the pre match was real good. Christopher is such a good heel that you want to see get creamed. They work a real fun sprint with a basic finish that works. The stip of the eggs was a lot of fun to boot, and Christopher was great with the insults. I love Memphis. I always wished that SMW would have reformed the Galaxians with Davis and Wayne.

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Brian Christopher has been accused of being a chicken, so in this match the loser gets hit with a dozen eggs. By God, it doesn't get any more Tennessee wrasslin' than this. The match itself is one of the better Memphis studio bouts, and is all-action with some fairly high-end offense for the style. Christopher is so incensed and humiliated that he challenges Davis to a loser-leaves-town rematch, and eventually baits him into accepting.

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Promo apparently setting up a Chicken challenge. Christopher is a hell of a whiny heel. There's a place for him as an undercard heel. Loser takes a dozen eggs to the face. Decent studio match where crowd sounds more into it than it looks. Davis wins and ringside kids love it. Then Davis & 11 fans crack eggs on Christopher's head. Christopher challenges Davis to a LLT match next week. Not great TV.

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This was a hell of a change of pace from the endless stream of Moondogs brawls we've been seeing lately. I've really become a Brian Christopher fan from seeing him on this Yearbook, and he delivered a wonderful overall performance here. He looked good in the ring against Davis, but the highlight was his mic and character work, From loudmouth bully to conniving cheat to whiny little weasel to defiant hothead, he did it all here in the space of a little over sixteen minutes. Davis was an excellent foil for him, and I wish we'd seen more of the leadup to this, especially how in the world Brian ended up with three different belts.


I liked the touch of the fans coming up to break eleven of the twelve eggs, and Brian taunting them to take their best shot was great. I actually liked the defiance more than the typical cowardice he showed earlier in trying to get out of the stip. Suckering Davis into accepting the loser-leave-town-match was great icing on the cake.


Brian's been raiding Dad's insult files, I see. Seriously, how in the world can anyone with two functioning ears not know exactly whose kid Brian is? The visual resemblance may take a while to figure out, and they don't wrestle alike at all, but if you closed your eyes, Brian could have been Lawler sometime in the early to mid-seventies.


Corey and Champion did nothing for this segment. Champion didn't really sound interested in the bout since it didn't involve him, and basically stuck to insulting Davis and calling Brian a champion, which we already know he is. Corey's brutal as a host, and hearing him do Lance Russell makes me yearn for the real Lancer's return. I know it wasn't practical to do this, but they should have given the show the week off whenever Dave was on vacation and just run recaps.


Champion did get off one good line: "I may just buy (Brian) a couple of belts because I'm a nice guy." One decent line doesn't make a segment, though.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-24-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher vs Danny Davis

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