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[1992-10-31-WWF-Superstars] The Undertaker vignette


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This would have been so much more chilling without that lousy goddamn falsetto Percy insisted on using. Just as the Yearbooks have changed my opinion for the better on some workers, they've changed my opinion for the worse on some others, and Percy's at the top of that list. I used to think he was the perfect manager for Taker; now I think that just about anyone else could have been a thousand times more effective, up to and including the ghost of the Grand Wizard. Hell, I'd have preferred Jimmy Hart laughing like a hyena in one of his loud jackets to Percy: "Rest in peace, baby! HAHAHAHA A-HAHAHAHAHA!"


Isn't this match what led directly to Kamala's face turn, in that he was so afraid of the coffin that Bruno and Kim Chee got disgusted with him and hung him out to dry after he lost?

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I started watching in summer of '94 so Bearer always had that voice to me. I was stunned on this watch at how much these "workshop" vignettes impressed me as a child. It's probably some set or random shed near Stamford, but it still looks and feels like a place that a supernatural entity like the Undertaker may work on harvesting souls and building coffins. They did such a good job setting him up as something more than the average wrestler and Bearer, caskets/coffins, and specific character aspects like having a workshop all played large roles in that.

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