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[1992-10-31-SMW-TV] Down and Dirty: Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette


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Down and Dirty opens with clips from last week's action where according to Dutch, the Rock & Roll Express had tried to chicken and weasel their way out of a match with the Heavenly Bodies, but due to Jim Cornette's expertise in contractual matters they couldn't do it. Dutch asks him to explain the reasoning behind going to work on Robert Gibson's when he eventually showed up. Cornette says how his mother is a deaf mute, Gibson was tending to her after surgery and it was their intention to break his fingers so he couldn't talk to her! Bob Armstrong has now threatened them with suspension unless they put the belts on the line every time they face the Rock & Roll Express, but that's fine with him as he's finally found the perfect combination to take them out.



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Wow, is this feud getting serious. Breaking Gibson's hand with the express purpose of preventing him from talking to his deaf, mute mother? Few heels anywhere go that far, but few heel managers have had their men or teams consistently beaten by one man or team the way Rock 'n' Roll has gotten the best of Corny over the years. He knows time's against him, as no one can manage or wrestle forever. Therefore, it's time to get down and dirty, if you'll pardon the expression. I'll have more to say once I've seen the match.


Eagle brought up the fact that they seem to be talking about the MX a lot. The only reason this feud's as hot as it is and is drawing worth a lick is because of the MX. If it hadn't been for Dennis and Bobby (and Stan), the Heavenly Bodies would have been a rookie tag team that didn't even belong in the ring with a team like Rock 'n' Roll.


The history is all this feud has going for it, if you want the truth; the Bodies really aren't in Rock 'n' Roll's class as a polished team, and the only reason they looked comparatively good against the Fultons is because Jackie is a mediocre replacement for Tommy Rogers. They're a good team for a regional promotion which runs two or three cards a week; the MX were one of the best teams ever and headlined for the second-biggest promotion in the world, and the fans watching the Bodies right now know it. The Bodies need all the rub from the MX that they can get, whether that team actually exists anymore or not. Corny figured that out too, which is why Bobby Eaton came in not too long after this.

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