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[1992-11-14-WWF-Saturday Night's Main Event] Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels


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Hart celebrates a recent defense until HBK interrupts to promote Survivor Series title match. Solid promo from HBK tying in Hart's loss at Summerslam to DBS, who Michaels just beat. Not exactly a main event world title build, but Michaels stepped up his game here. I may be in the minority (at least in this thread) but I *love* some HBK music.

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Remember, SNME always treated its angles as brand new by now, so as far as this show was concerned, this was the first time Bret and Shawn had ever crossed paths. If this felt like step one in the build to their match, it's because it was supposed to be, for better or worse.


I loved the show of emotion from Bret as he joined Gene; it seemed out of character for him, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Shawn was a bit more pugnacious than his character seemed to call for, but the HBK we know and some of us love wasn't fully formed yet, so it's possible that they were still experimenting with what would and wouldn't work for him.


I've always heard that Gene legitimately hated to be roughed up, so his indignant reaction to being caught in the middle of the shoving match between Bret and Shawn worked perfectly.


I liked Shawn bringing up Bret's loss to Davey as a further slap in the face. Even this early on, the man certainly knew how to agitate.


As I said in an earlier thread, Marty's return took a lot of the luster off of this, and we Yearbook viewers have already seen Bret beat Shawn clean twice, once in a ladder match. But the vast majority of the audience has never seen these two hook up as standalone singles, so this was probably enough to whet their appetites, especially with Shawn having just won the IC belt from Davey.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-11-14-WWF-Saturday Night's Main Event] Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels

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