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[1995-01-07-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express vs The Gangstas / Interview: Jim Cornette


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Seriously, announcer guy. Blink.


Cornette managing Morton and Gibson is just weird, especially when Morton uses the racket as a weapon. The Gangstas aren't happy about the title change and attack the Rock & Rolls post match. Cornette teases turning on the R & Rs, but ends up popping both Gangstas with the racket. It always amazes me how Cornette pushes himself as a near equal to the wrestlers, but he also does a heck of a sell job getting laid out. Cactus and DWB finally run the Gangstas off, but Cornette is covered in blood and down by this point.


The Rock & Rolls do an interview from the locker room saying Cornette proved himself and he's welcome to be in their corner anytime.


Then, we get Cornette laid up at home. In a nice touch, he doesn't have the ability to take down his Christmas decorations because he's so injured. Cornette is truthful about his motivations -- he wanted to be in the corner for the Rock & Rolls because he wanted to help them win so they'd always have to owe him one. He would have taken greater satisfaction in that than in turning on them. All said, now his focus is on the Gangstas. He called his friends the Heavenly Bodies and they have agreed to come into SMW. However, the problem is that they lost a loser leaves SMW match last year. He pleads with Bob Armstrong to make things right and says he'll talk to him next week. Episodic TV, and a strong promo.

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Cornette is aligned with Express with the purposes of trying to protect them from the Gangstas. Cornette wants to be the one to get rid of the Express. Cornette swings the racket at both Gangstas. Cornette does a big gusher and gets messed up by the Gangstas.


Cornette makes the case to Bob Armstrong to allow the Heavenly Bodies to return to SMW so that they can get rid of the Gangstas. Pretty clever.

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Chip Kessler does blink a little this time, but those bug eyes are weird.


Cornette's surprise that he promised: an injunction preventing the Gangstas' posse from being at ringside. Clever. New Jack clocks Gibson with a blackjack, but with the referee still tied up Morton gets his hands on the tennis racket and takes out New Jack with it to regain the tag titles. During the inevitable post-match beatdown, Cornette swerves everyone by asking the Gangstas to hold up Morton, then clobbering both Gangstas with the racket instead! That doesn't last though, and eventually Jimbo gets overwhelmed, and even breaks out the blade. They also take out Cornette's recurring bad knee.


The Rock 'n Rolls make a standing offer for Cornette to be in their corner for all subsequent matches against the Gangstas. Cornette has to convalesce in his home with twelve stitches and a busted kneecap, and cuts the promo of the motherfucking YEAR (including '94), outlining his motivations and having everything make perfect sense. He was going to let the Rock 'n Rolls get beaten down, but the cheers and exhortations of the fans led to him attempting to save the day. Cornette paid for it, and is bringing in the Heavenly Bodies for a possible match with the Gangstas on January 28! That's great...but first he has to meet with Bob Armstrong to get their ban lifted. He makes a hell of an argument. Absolutely stone-cold brilliant stuff here, and if the CANE DEWEY/anti-hardcore stuff wasn't coming later then this would lock up the Best Interview of the Year immediately. Can't wait to see where this goes, which is all you can ask of an episode of wrestling television.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-01-07-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express vs The Gangstas / Interview: Jim Cornette

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