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[1995-03-25-SMW-TV] Interview: Dirty White Boy / Interview: The Gangstas / Interview: Al Snow & Unabomb


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Dirty White Boy does a great hype job for the Bluegrass Brawl match coming up with Landell. Then, New Jack talks about the Undertaker at Bluegrass Brawl, which is good. I like Undertaker being around because it takes the focus of this feud off of race-race-race. Next is an interview with Al Snow & Unabomb, with Snow wearing a Rock & Roll Express t-shirt. Unabomb does the worst Robert Gibson impression ever (well maybe it's a little accurate) while Snow wears a long blond wig and plays Ricky Morton. They make fun of Robert Gibson's deaf mom, and Snow says Gibson is so cross-eyed that when he cries, the tears run down his back. Snow isn't really a great promo, but he's a guy who is clearly trying and he's far from bad. He's definitely putting things together. This definitely made me want to see a match with these guys.

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Yeah, it probably wasn't fair that Al Snow had to replace Eddie Gilbert as the mouthpiece in this tag team as he wasn't anywhere near that level. SMW also gets to be the answer to a trivia question, "What was the last wrestling promotion Eddie Gilbert walked out of before he died?" as he left SMW to go back to Puerto Rico about two weeks before he died.

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White Boy with a spectacular promo describing his plans for Buddy Landell in a Tennessee Chain Match. Landell has too few scars to have any chain match experience, and White Boy has been leaving Mr. Ron Wright's chain out in the rain and under horse dung so he can infect Landell when he cuts him up with it! I don't like Budro's chances here.


New Jack is much more confident this week about his chances of making Tracy Smothers salute the X flag, while also making time to cut a promo on Killer Kyle's match with that inbred retard Boo Bradley. Jack gets to the Undertaker and suddenly is practically crying--New Jack is GREAT at the desperate, trying-too-hard-to-act-confident bit, suddenly growing paranoid and accusing Ross of having something to do with all this. Fun to see a new side of his promos.


Evidently the Gangstas did a number on Boo, as Ross alludes to before his next interview. Al Snow delivers a very patronizing promo about what's in the hearts of the Rock 'n Roll Express, before he and Unabomb don the appropriate wigs. Unabomb's cross-eyed mouth-breather expression is pretty funny. Snow sounds more like Beavis than Ricky Morton but the effort is admirable, especially combined with his exasperation with Ross. "If you ever had an original thought, it'd die of loneliness." Snow offers to read a letter from Robert Gibson's mother but can't, because it's in Sign Language! "'Please don't hurt my EUUUHHH anymore' Oh, that's right, that's what Robert Gibson's mother used to call him cuz she couldn't talk!" THAT gets a big "ooooh" from the audience. What happened to the early '95 Al Snow?

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