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[1995-04-08-SMW-TV] Ricky Morton vs Al Snow


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This has got to be the best Al Snow match of all time. It's also arguably the best SMW match ever (assuming nothing later in the year tops it). Al Snow looks like a superstar ready to take wrestling by storm. Morton gives him almost the whole match and Snow takes full advantage of it. I love all the punch blocks and some of Snow's submissions are really cool. If he has a weakness, it's that his selling is so over the top that it looks like acting, but everything else about him is great. Morton juices off of an early shot by the loaded glove to set up a coal miner's glove match which also plays into the finish. This is a serious hidden gem that should be talked about more, as it's one of the better matches of the year so far.

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That's a really interesting question with regards to Ricky Morton. He had a pair of excellent matches with Bobby Eaton in 1990 that may or may not be better than this. This is in the top handful for sure. But that's a really good question worth re-visiting after the 1990 yearbook.


There is also praise for the '91 GAB match against Gibson in some circles, so that is one that should probably be watched before answering this question too.

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Maybe I was in a bad mood, maybe some of you took mushrooms, but I don't feel the "great match" vide *at all*. Seriously, for the entire first half I was yawning at my screen at Snow's work which I found pedestrian and devoid of any intensity. Morton was good but I really didn't think much of Snow. Maybe because I thought this was gonna be one of these short TV match and I'm not used to see longer match on SMW TV. Anyway, it did developp into what I'd call a very good match eventually, and I appreciated the fact Snow actually gradually upped his offense. So yeah, very good match in the end, and in the SMW context of the past two years, it's probably one of the strongest TV match they had (although like I said it doesn't mean that much). Best Snow's match ever ? No idea, Snow is a pretty overrated worker to me, so maybe it is, I don't remember being crazy for any of his ECW stuff either. Best Morton performance of the 90's ? No idea, as don't have that many recollection of his single matches (I prefer the 91 Gibson match without a doubt), but it sure showed Morton was still excellent when given the opportunity and the time to be.

Al Snow post-match promo was indeed pretty funny. Al was at his best doing stuff like this.

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I thought this was really good, but not as good as the ECW Benoit match as far as Snow matches, nor as good as Cactus vs. Candido and possibly not Gangstas vs. Southern Boys as far as SMW TV bouts. I do like the more meat-and-potatoes style from Al, who probably needed this stint to become a more well-rounded worker. ECW probably wasn't going to do it for him, despite what it did for Benoit. Snow unleashes some cool offense, from the bow-and-arrow/surfboard thing to an absolutely spectacular Asai moonsault attempt off the top rope that misses. This is SMW, of course, not Korakuen Hall, so it ends with Morton swiping a loaded glove and using it for the pin. A punch-drunk Snow complains about 3 or 4 people beating him with a lead pipe. No, wait, 15-20 guys, 3-4 with a gun and 5-6 with a knife. Thanks for clearing that up. We go off the air during another brawl.

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In the span of a month, I've gone from watching Al Snow getting blasted in primitive shootstyle matches to working Ricky Morton in a southern fed. You were going place, Al. This was an extremely simple and generic US style match, the type Morton must've done a thousand times. I am baffled by the previous comments about this being a great match and Snow looking like a future star. It's a solid match - like you can't not have a solid match against Morton. But Ricky's punches didn't even look good and Snow was as bland as you can be. You could've slotted any other kid in that knew to execute 5 moves and put on a glove and Morton would've had a match on the same level. Snow had a nice asai moonsault, but so what? Asai moonsaults never made anyone a star.

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