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[1995-04-15-WCW-Saturday Night] Vader & Arn Anderson vs Stars & Stripes


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Vader's punches on Patriot are awesome, and he and Arn are a really good team with some nice doubleteam spots that surprised me. Vader and Arn working over Patriot works really well and I like the headbutt to the stomach on Bagwell when he's bridging a Fisherman's suplex. Plus, Flair is going insane at ringside. Really fun match.


Vader, Arn and Flair, a terrific top heel group, do a post-match promo.

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Finally another fun TV match from WCW. Bagwell takes an awesome-looking chokeslam from Vader, and Patriot and Vader looks like a good match-up stylistically--Patriot's another guy who can believably toss Vader around. I would have preferred a cleaner finish for the heels but the finish that they do is executed well.

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Vader & Arn Anderson vs Stars & Stripes - WCW Saturday Night 4/15/95


The Patriot sure as hell had one interesting career: Kenta Kobashi's gaijin tag partner, WCW midcarder, more All Japan with Bobby Fulton's brother as his partner and then brief stint as WWF main eventer and I am sure I am missing some other stuff. I actually thought he looked pretty damn good here and was able to rile the crowd up pretty easily. I would have actually liked to see him a get a stronger push in WCW or All Japan to see what he really could have done.


This is a really strong TV tag team match that makes me long for more Vader & AA tag matches because damn did they gel perfectly here. Both really have a similar methodology when it comes to wrestling, they are going to get theres, but they do their utmost to shine up the babyface no matter where the babyface is on the card. Arn makes Stars & Stripes look like a million bucks early and even Patriot gets a lick on Vader. Before they hit heel in peril, Arn directs traffic to set up for a catapult into a Chokeslam. Shit! That was awesome. Vader takes it to Bagwell in the corner with the typical Vader blows, but Bagwell is able evade Vader long enough to tag in Patriot. Patriot looked awesome here for a minute stretch of offense. He was teeing off on Vader and hits a massive flying forearm and the crowd is jacked! Vader is always giving in matches and perfect way to make Patriot look like a star. Arn stops the bleeding by goading Patriot to the outside ducking and VADER BODY ATTACK! Here is the reinstated Nature Boy to add his two cents to the match. The heat segment proper on Patriot is awesome! At one point, Anderson uses a drop toehold to keep Patriot down and Vader squashes with a sick elbow. Vaderbomb only gets two, which shocks the timekeeper who rang the bell expecting it to be the finish. Got to smarten up the timekeeper, WCW! People complain about Hogan killing the finish! LOL! Vader is just in his element here destroying the Patriot, but letting him sneak in little shots. Anderson does the head collide on rope running sequence, but not a very convincing one. Bagwell is in and there is something in the water because he looks great coming off the hot tag and tagging Arn getting a powerslam for two. Double dropkick to Vader! Bagwell hits a Fisherman Suplex on Anderson, but Vader hits a diving headbutt and Anderson rolls through for the win. Great TV match that was energetic throughout, they gave some love to Patriot and Bagwell, btu Vader was just a monster in this and really looked like one of the best wrestlers in the world! ***1/2

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