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[1995-07-31-WWF-Raw] Dean Douglas vignette


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"Your attention, class! Your attention!", followed by fingernails on a chalkboard.


Dean Douglas explains the definition of knowledge. I'm not a huge Shane Douglas fan, but evil school teacher is a terrible gimmick for a guy who had gotten over in one environment as a star just by being a wrestler who ran his mouth too much. Shane's whining is often annoying, yes, but he did get screwed on this run.

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Shane was fucked from the beginning....


I am not the biggest Shane fan (I like him, but dont think he's GREAT, although being from Pittsburgh gives him high marks) but this character idea SUCKED, whether he was a teacher or not...


1 year later and the Franchise Character could have been great for WWF in Summer '96...and no clique around (except Shawn and HHH (who was being punished anyway) to stop it.

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I've pretty much hated Douglas so far in '95, but I already have the feeling that these vignettes are going to have me begging to go back to the Douglas/Cactus Jack friendship. I don't think an evil teacher is an IMPOSSIBLE gimmick to pull off, but with this delivery, in this setting, it's hopeless. CW Bergstorm and Melvin Penrod probably could have done this for cheaper.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-07-31-WWF-Raw] Dean Douglas vignette

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