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[1995-08-01-ECW-TV] The Sandman vs Mikey Whipwreck (Singapore Cane)


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Clipped because that's how it aired on TV. Good action. Mikey gets the big upset in a non-title match. Sandman seems to be hesitant to agree to the pre-match stip, and Woman is making him hold up his end of the agreement. Mikey kisses Woman when she tries to put her hands on him to a huge pop, which causes Sandman to attack him from behind and brutally hit him with the cane. Woman goes WAAAYYY over the top with the orgasmic sounds this time. The ref finally intervenes and tells Sandman if he hits Mikey one more time, he'll lose the belt. Woman makes him stop when the ref gives that ultimatum. Another great angle.

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Great work from Mikey, and there's something about Sandman...objectively he's a dogshit worker, but somehow that just adds to the package rather than detracts from it. I can't think of any other analogous wrestler, other than maybe late-'90s Sabu. Mikey scores the upset, but Woman refuses to hand over the cane...until the referee threatens to strip Sandman of the title and award it to Mikey, which causes her to immediately acquiesce. Funny. Eventually Woman steps in and prevents Mikey from getting his full ten shots, so Mikey lays one on her. That earns another beatdown from Sandman, but once again Woman caves the instant her gold is in danger. Woman is absolutely spectacular here, one of her best performances, playing both the evil wench as well as a stooge heel at once.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-08-01-ECW-TV] The Sandman vs Mikey Whipwreck (Singapore Cane)
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Woman was the MVP of this segment and maybe her best segment ever. She was in total control of Sandman. She was the alpha and that was cool to see. Both times, Sandman was on the verge of being stripped of the title, Woman was the one who made Sandman comply. It was very empowering to see her in charge. She stops Mikey from getting to ten but Mikey gets his first kiss with Woman! Sandman attacks and it is Woman who makes him stop once the title is threatened but not before we get another of her "orgasmic wails". Sandman vs Mikey is a fucking great feud that I have not explored before. I like it! I really like it! 

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