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[1995-09-17-WCW-Fall Brawl] Paul Orndorff and Gary Spivey


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Paul Orndorff's poor career is going down in flames until he is approached by, and I quote, "GARY SPIVEY OF THE PSYCHIC COMPANIONS NETWORK?" I'm wondering when this period was when Orndorff had so many belts he couldn't carry them all, but this is the type of cheese that makes wrestling fun. He reminds him that he's Mr. Wonderful and suddenly, Paul Orndorff has a new lease on life!

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Paul was 46 at the time, so it's not like he had much more years to give. Plus the injuries would force him to retire. I don't know where the "poor career" comes from, he got a good stint in WCW after his last comeback I thought, when he was already 43. Pretty Wonderful was an underrated tag team (can't wait to revisit them).

His new music theme was glorious though.

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Gary Spivey (no relation) had some interesting headwear shall we say.


Orndorff's acting was so bad a porno director on a shoestring budget would've reshot the scene. I love goofy shit like this, it's part of what makes sports entertainment fun.

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If I were as upset as Orndorff was, I wouldn't appreciate the camera watching me. "Gary Spivey? Of the Psychic...Companions Network?" Poor Paul could barely remember his line. I'm ashamed to admit that I distinctly remember Ol' Brillo-head from when the Prevue Channel used to run almost nothing but psychic hotline ads in-between movie trailers. Spivey leads Orndorff through a Stuart Smalley affirmation routine, and by the end Orndorff IS Mr. Wonderful.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-09-17-WCW-Fall Brawl] Paul Orndorff and Gary Spivey

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