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[1995-10-03-ECW-TV] Interview: Cactus Jack


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Another famous Foley promo, this one mentioning the 20/20 segment from 1985 with John Stossel. He decided from there that he wanted to make people respect pro wrestling, and what a waste of time that has been. He also mentions the story of losing his ear in Germany and not being able to take it home because he didn't know the German word for formaldehyde. Pro wrestling will never be respected no matter how many teeth, ears or brain cells he loses. He ties this back to Dreamer turning down an offer from WCW.


This also has some outstanding quotes, the second one being possibly my favorite line ever in a promo.


"Did Giant Baba hand you a dozen eggs and say break these on Jumbo Tsuruta's head?"


"I am but a failed experiment in human sociology."


"We're not a wrestling organization anymore, we're the world's biggest damn puppet show."


I think this is my favorite of all the Cactus promos during this time, and it's easily the wrestling promo of the year.

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Outstanding promo but not as good as the Buddy one.


From a pragmatic standpoint, I agree. My qualms about Foley being better at dramatic monologues than selling tickets is borne out where he outright says that he isn't going ot exact revenge on Tommy in front of ECW fans, he'll do it behind closed doors. That's cool and threatening at all, but...well, it's nitpicking, because this is still an awesome, legendary promo. "Is that all I stand for, Tommy? To sit in an arena where JT Smith lands headfirst on the concrete, and hears the fans say, 'You fucked up'? WELL, FUCK YOU. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Amen, Cactus. Nobody else in wrestling had his finger on the pulse of what was happening in wrestling, both corporate and independent, better than Mick at this time.

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On 11/16/2014 at 2:23 AM, PeteF3 said:

To sit in an arena where JT Smith lands headfirst on the concrete, and hears the fans say, 'You fucked up'? WELL, FUCK YOU. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Amen, Cactus. 

The war between wrestlers and fans has been waging for 25 years now. It really feels like it has intensified this past year. I like how Cactus refuses to let this become a puppet show and that he is the worker and he will work the crowd and not the other way around. I have heard this promo 8 bajillion times since I got the Cactus DVD. The "Welcoming Arms" line I stole or sometimes modify to "Welcoming Bosom" when I am messing with my friends about joining some sort of dark side. We learn what has driven Cactus' Masochistic Theatre of Pain to try to legitimize wrestling. I really like how ECW at the time really got into the psychology of the characters. I still like the one with Raven a little better, but these are all all-time great promos.  

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