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[1995-10-09-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Hulk Hogan


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Hogan is getting booed LOUDLY by this Chicago crowd, and that's before he debuts his new look in all black. I guess this a kinda, sorta proto-Hollywood run. He does this weird shoot about how the wrestling promoter he built Hulkamania with is dying and choking on his own ego. This is a really self-indulgent promo. Outside, The Giant is trying to get in the building with a monster truck and is surrounded by police.

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Ah, the debut of the Darkest Timeline Hulk. A frosty reception for Hogan, but it's the first time he's actually sold or shown vulnerability in his entire WCW stint, so points for that, I guess. Hogan tells Okerlund and Hart to keep their mouths shut--oh, what a mature response from our hero. Hogan promises to rip his neck brace off and beat the Giant just like he beat his "father." Okerlund breaks the news that a restraining order has banned the Giant from the Rosemont Horizon. Hulk accuses a certain New York promoter's ego of getting "bigger than the wrestling business" and is "dying, choking on his own ego"--oh, the irony. Shaving the Hulk's moustache = spraypainting the Washington Monument or burning the American flag, brother.


Cut to the Giant trying to barge into the arena with the monster truck. Zodiac sticking out of the top of the truck is a funny visual. This is where the one weakness of the Nitro set comes into play--no video wall. Hulk takes off for outside.

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