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[1995-10-22-WWF-In Your House IV] Diesel vs Davey Boy Smith


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This was a pretty big letdown. I was expecting blown spots galore and the crowd completely turning on Diesel, but it was really just a boring match with some awkward parts. The crowd definitely favored Diesel and even chanted his name at one point; the vocal Bulldog fans were clearly in the minority, and they were more pro-Bulldog than anti-Diesel from how it sounded.


That's not to say that this wasn't a bad match, because it was. It just wasn't the trainwreck that I was expecting. Both guys tried hard. The post-match brawl between Bret and Diesel was really lame, and the crowd wasn't into it. Still, now that I've seen this, Vince's famous tantrum after the show went off the air seems more like a typical Vince overreaction than a justified outburst on Diesel.

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Not watching this quite yet, but I read this and wanted to plop it in this thread. From the WON:


Just as the cameras faded to black signifying the end of the In Your House PPV show on 10/22 in Winnipeg, a disgusted Vince McMahon threw down his glasses and his headset and said the words, 'horrible' as he started to walk to the back with Jim Ross while a pull-apart brawl with Bret Hart and Diesel was still going on in the ring. Seconds later, as the brawl ended, Diesel, the person McMahon had planned to build the company around one year earlier, was being booed out of the building, yet another in the long line of failed experiments in his quest to find the new Hulk Hogan. The virtually unanimous crowd reaction to Diesel after yet another unimpressive main event match seems to make it only logical that Bret Hart is destined to have a career similar to the man who his being compared with results in outbursts -- Ric Flair. Like Flair, Hart is the man picked to pick up the pieces time-after-time when experiments of creating new world champions that will be the next big thing in wrestling end up with declining box office figures.


For McMahon, the crowd reaction was the crowning jewel of a two week period that he'd most likely love to take back. It was a two-week period that saw injuries to two of his key performers, the quitting of his top assistant, his babyface singles and tag champions being heavily booed after post-matches that weren't designed to elicit such responses, poor house show business at every stop, the debut of a character being groomed for the top echleon falling flat, and among the worst matches and worst overall PPV shows in company history.

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This match is pretty boring. 75% of the match is Davey Boy chop blocking and dropping elbows on Diesel's legs while the crowd sits there and doesn't give a shit. This match capped off a lame PPV that I thought was actually off to a good start with the first two matches.

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Another bad match, and another awful finish. Bret was trying to be diplomatic all throughout the contest with regard to Bulldog's new attitude, saying he disagreed with his new allegiances but didn't harbor the ill will toward him that he did to Owen. Then Davey Boy knocks his headset off and Bret snaps for no discernible reason, jumping Davey in the ring and causing a disqualification. Vince and JR are for some reason baffled at the decision. A really, really lame post-match brawl follows.


So ends possibly the most depressing PPV in company history, even including the disastrous King of the Ring show. This featured no-shows by Shawn Michaels *and* the Undertaker and two horrid replacement matches (Yokozuna vs. Mabel?? Seriously?) and yet another bad performance by Diesel in the main event.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-10-22-WWF-In Your House IV] Diesel vs Davey Boy Smith
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Bret Hart will face the champion at the next PPV and he's on guest commentary. Bulldog was having quite an impressive run since he turned heel, but expecting him to get a good match out of Diesel is a massive undertaking and he fails spectacularly. Bulldog always had the potential to be great if he's in there with the right opponent, but he wasn't known to carry people to good matches. After Diesel starts arguing with Bret, Bulldog chop blocks Diesel and starts a long control segment. Bulldog's beatdown on Diesel's knee is focused, but he bored me to tears. He locks on a Sharpshooter to mess with Bret, but his execution of the move was so sloppy that even Bret made a comment about how he couldn't put the hold on correctly. This is finally over when Bulldog takes things too far with Bret and they start brawling, giving Bulldog a DQ win over the champion. Diesel isn't pleased with this and ends up having a pull-apart with Bret, as the fans show their disapproval. Even the Sid/Diesel matches were better than this! What a depressing end to one of the worst PPVs that the WWF/E ever put on. ½★

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