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[1995-12-02-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Vince McMahon


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"My heart goes out to my attorney" ... "Journalistic stalking" ... "Keystone cops" ... "Incestuously joining forces" ... "Yellow journalists conspiring with federal officials"


This is Vince responding to the Phil Muchnick article in the NY Post suggesting witness tampering in the steroid trial and if Hogan was the most delusional person in wrestling in November, Vince is giving him a run for his money in December.

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Hey, it's the old (as in OLD) All-American Wrestling set-up. Did he just say PHIL MUSHNICK was secretly behind the steroid prosecution? Phil's kind of a belligerent old whiner but I think he'd find the accusation that he had that much power amusing.


Yes, more or less. VINCE~!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-12-02-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Vince McMahon

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