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[1994-05-17-ECW-TV] Mikey Whipwreck vs Pit Bull I


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  • 1 month later...

Who was the play by play guy because he was indeed bad? Pitbull was coasting here until Taz came out. Mikey picks up the upset victory to win the Television title. Pitbull was pretty dumb here with his title on the line. Whipwreck is beginning his patch to the triple crown of titles for ECW.

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  • 2 weeks later...

For as innovative ECW was with some concepts, they could be behind the times also. This was an upset that felt cheap and insanely telegraphed. I was suprised at how crisp in execution Ptibull was as he hit everything well but MIkey winning should have been a satisfying moment, and it just wasn't

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  • 1 year later...

I question any ranking system that names Mikey Whipwreck a title contender. I was actually digging this squash and Mikey's insane bumping for Pitbull's decent but not otherworldly offense, and doing my best to tune out the commentary. The finish is even a neat idea, as Whipwreck literally covers Pitbull by accident. Too bad PITBULL'S SHOULDER IS COMPLETELY OFF THE MAT. And spare me the "Do you believe in miracles?!" shit. Man, that was bad. There's a bit of sentimental value to this for me, as reading about this angle in the Apter mags is what made me start to take notice of what was going on in ECW, moreso than the tables and the violence and the chokeslams. So I actually didn't dislike this as much as the others, but it definitely came off better in magazine form.

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  • 2 years later...

I'm kind of surprised that only one person has mentioned Pit Bull's shoulder obviously way off the mat. That said Mikey was one of my favorite ECW characters. Willie "Scoop" Watts is doing the blow by blow here. Joey Styles left for a month since producing the TV show on Sunday took all day and he was useless at his day job on Mondays. BTW, "Willie Watts" is not the guy's real name. It was Paul E's rib on Cowboy Bill, naming a black guy after him.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-05-17-ECW-TV] Mikey Whipwreck vs Pit Bull I

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