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[1994-06-24-ECW-Hostile City Showdown] Public Enemy vs Dory & Terry Funk


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Dory sure can roll up a guy. He has no concept of the kind of match he's wrestling - this is a wild brawl, and he's doing European uppercuts and a spinning toehold. (Terry does the spinning toehold in brawls too, and it annoys me just as much.) Terry is MIA for big parts of this. Aside from the cool crimson visuals with Terry Funk, not much to this. I'm guessing it was an important ECW match because of the generation thing.

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I actually liked Dory's Euro upper-cuts and spinning toe hold. They actually looked believable, unlike everything else Dory did. Dory threw some of the weakest punches I've ever seen in this match. I couldn't tell if he was trying to wipe Rocco Rock's nose or punch it during the sequence at the end.


Dory looked like a Mulkey brother, only taller.

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Hey, let's book a crazy ECW brawl main event and have all the focus on DORY FUNK. I like Dory more than most in the IWC, but goddamn, he fits into this as well as Bob Backlund does. That said, this match makes me unsure if Johnny Grunge ever actually attended a wrestling school. Another shitty-ass finish, even worse than Sabu vs. Cactus, and Styles' cluelessness as to why Paul E. and 911 were there was infuriating. Styles has gotten better, but jeez, they're there because they were paying for PE to take the Funks out. I picked up on this story, you could have done the same thing, Joey. Another shitty, overlong post-match that at least has a cool payoff with Rocco bungee-jumping off the eagle's nest.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-06-24-ECW-Hostile City Showdown] Public Enemy vs Dory & Terry Funk

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