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[1994-07-23-WWF-Superstars] 1-2-3 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett


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  • 2 months later...

Lawler was busting out the jokes the whole time on commentary. He was amusing as hell back in the mid 90’s. Good match that ends in draw. They do the King of the Ring post match beat down again with Jarrett piledriving The Kid. Jarrett gets on the mic and calls him yellow for not restarting the match.

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Kind of cliche to talk about how disengaged Lawler is now compared to earlier WWF but this is a shining example. he was amazing here an it is nice to see early him and Ross working together. Good little tv match and Kid had a really good year in 1994 with TV matches when given a chance to stretch them out.

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Is this the debut of the Ross/Lawler partnership? Ross' trademark grouchiness is such a great fit for Lawler's jokes, and Lawler still had enough motivation to egg him on and on to the point of exasperation. "HOW COULD HE PULL HIS HAIR IF HE'S GOT HIM IN A WAISTLOCK, KING?!" This is a neat little TV match with a weak-sauce ending, though it does set up rematches.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-07-23-WWF-Superstars] 1-2-3 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett

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