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[1994-10-08-WWF-Superstars] New Generation commercial / Randy Savage commercial / Heartbreak Hotel: Bob Backlund


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The new WWF Generation. Put your faith in them. Savage plays baseball with some kid. They really are having fun with the baseball strike. No unions here. Our season never ends!


Bob Backlund is the guest on Heartbreak Hotel. Sorry it’s Mr. Backlund. He doesn’t like being referred to as former champion. Mr. Backlund never lost the title as he was not pinned or made to submit. Shawn is somewhat dismissive towards Backlund. Good promo by Backlund as he wants the title back one way or the other and just storms off when he is finished talking. Leaving me wanting more.

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I really liked the Razor commercial, but I wish they would have made it a little darker. "Put your faith in us" as a slogan feels like brainwashing, though.


Then, we get Randy Savage playing baseball with a kid who's crying because of the strike.


We close things out with Bob Backlund on the Heartbreak Hotel. Between the Cornette segment and this, Shawn has a tendency to undercut other heels when they are his guests, unless it's someone like DiBiase that he clearly respects. In a weird way, the undercutting works here, because it makes Backlund seem like a special heel that even the other heels can't wrap their heads around. Nash looks odd, like he's had botox. His facial expression seems stuck.


Backlund is getting more into his gimmick, using big words (sometimes correctly, sometimes incorrectly) and seems like a legit nutjob. I love it!

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The Razor commercial is amusing. The Savage commercial is funny too but not as good as the Razor one. Backlund was tremendous on The Heartbreak Hotel. I loved how he just used random words that may or may not have made sense in context.

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Didn't really care for the Razor commercial and don't see "put your faith in us" as a great tag line


Another real world tie in with the baseball strike thing. Real world tie ins in wrestling are like the twitter craze in a 1994 setting.


Heartbreak Hotel was one of the best one yet due to Backlund being a prick and not straying to the hotel puns. It is really crazy to think about how little of Shawn we have had wrestling this year on the yearbook.

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The Razor commercial to start was surprisingly good.


Then we have the WWF bragging about having no off season. I'm not even going to go here.


The main event was then Mr Backlund gracing the Heartbreak Hotel. This was absolute comedy gold and my favourite promo of the whole Yearbook. I was laughing so hard at Backlund I had to keep pausing the DVD every few seconds and nearly fell off my seat! :lol: On all these talk shows for years faces suck up to other faces and heels suck up to other heels. Well Shawn started off doing that, but straight away Bob put the young punk in his place. From then on there was the crazed screaming, the mad facial expressions and dictionary time. It's hilarious because you've got someone who looks so stupid trying to pass themselves off as an intellectual. Bob sure doesn't suffer from hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!

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We open with a semi-blasphemous but clever little spot with Razor Ramon in confessional. Meanwhile, somehow the Major League Baseball strike has extended into Little League games--don't ask me to explain the logic behind that one. One Federation still believes in making dreams come true--their season never ends! We NEVER go on strike! This message brought to you by John Kasich & Scott Walker.


Backlund corrects Shawn on how to properly refer to him, both with the honorific and without the use of the word "former." Backlund was ostracized from wrestling for ten years, despite never losing the title. I like Backlund cutting promos on Shawn & Backlund, before moving his attention back to Bret. Backlund is getting more and more into this gimmick, talking of rebuilding a modern Utopia like he's a more demented Ra's al Ghul.


What the hell was up with Diesel's eyebrows?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-10-08-WWF-Superstars] New Generation commercial / Randy Savage commercial / Heartbreak Hotel: Bob Backlund

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