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[1994-11-05-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher vs Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert


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Clips of tag match which has just ended. Everyone looks bloody. Crutches and boots being used. Christopher uses scissors on Gilbert and then hits a piledriver. Fighting continues with Gilbert and Rich briefly having control. Frank Burrell gets hit by Rich and has enough as he drops bombs on both Rich and Gilbert. Tommy’s eye is pretty messed up. Burrell confronts them afterwords in lockeroom which is not a good idea. Eddie Marlin and Randy Hales try to help but get beat up also. Lawler and Christopher make the save.

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Clips of a pretty wild Lawler/Christopher vs Rich/Gilbert match from Mid South Coliseum. Lots of crutches and blood, and Frank Morrell throwing a few punches at some heels who try to get froggy and scissors, what's not to like? Great stuff.


Back in the dressing room, Rich and Gilbert are about to cut a promo and Frank Morrell gets in their face. They jump him and are doubleteaming the referee for a couple of minutes until Lawler and Christopher barge in and start throwing punches.


More fun than just about anything from the USWA all year.

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We finally see clips of the Lawler/Christopher/Rich/Gilbert brawl. Frank Morrell is the best part of this throwing punches and defending himself then getting into it with Rich and Gilbert in the locker room before another brawl with everyone else. Great stuff.

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Crazy stuff from the previous week, though the use of scissors is over-the-top for my tastes. Fans throw weapons to the wrestlers and you start to wonder which city this actually is. The action is tremendous and the post-match scuffle in the locker room even better. I love Doug Gilbert clarifying to Frank Morrell that they were suspended first, *then* decking him. Bowden gets in a few licks on Randy Hales before the babyfaces make the save and the camera goes to the great photo shoot in the sky. Tremendous action to wash out the bad taste of last week's letdown (yes, I know this was two week old footage).

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-11-05-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher vs Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert

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