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[1994-11-19-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & Brian Christopher vs Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert & Scott Bowden / Interview: Tommy Rich / Bill Dundee and Dream Machine


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Clips of six man action. Christopher using the broom. Scott Bowden trying to use his Florida State helmet. He ends up getting knocked out by Bill Dundee. I probably wouldn’t pick Bowden as my partner. The brawling afterwords probably lasted longer than the actual match.


Tommy Rich is trying to warn Bill Dundee that Lawler and Christopher will stab him in the back. He wants him to come to his senses.


Check out Dream Machine’s forehead. He wants to call out Dundee to tell him that he was the greatest partner he ever had. Dundee’s belt breaks when he hugs Machine. Dundee can’t be his partner as he has made promises to Lawler already.


Machine attacks Dundee. This was pretty obvious. Chaos happens. Gilbert just chocking the hell out of Christopher.

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This crowd is hot for Dundee's return in this six-man, which is Lawler/Dundee/Christopher vs Rich/Gilbert/Bowden. Good action from what we saw.


Back at the studio, Tommy mentions that his mom told him he should have a conversation with Dundee and try to work things out.


Finally, Dream Machine returns to talk to Dundee since he hadn't seen him in so long. He asks him to be his tag team partner and Dundee turns him down because he has promised to help Lawler. DM is not happy about that and slams Dundee into a ringpost. Christopher is out to quickly make a save, but gets ambushed by Rich, Gilbert and Bowden. Christopher gets hung by a noose at ringside! This appears to have been a rather complex setup.

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The clips of the Dundee six man are really good. Tommy Rich is worried about Dundee siding with Lawler and Christopher and warns him that they will betray him. Dream Machine is back and wants to see Dundee, his old tag partner. He wants them to tag again. Dundee says he can't because he's got a deal with Lawler. DM attacks him and Christopher comes out to fight. Then Rich, Gilbert, and Scott Bowden show up in the melee as well. Soon enough, everyone in Memphis is trying to break apart the brawl. Great stuff.

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Dundee is sporting his old American Eagle tights, while Doug Gilbert is sporting a ghastly pink and white horizontally striped singlet & tight combo. Fun action involving the Florida State helmet, a boot, a pole, and a broom, among other plundah, before Dundee cold cocks Scott Bowden for the pin. That doesn't stop the action, though.


Tommy Rich is out to talk about an upcoming USWA title defense against Buddy Landell. Rich is far more low-key and philosophical than usual, talking about his past partnership with Dundee, but I smell swerve. He's trying to guilt-trip Dundee into teaming with him instead of Lawler & Christopher. Dave and Corey ain't buying it. Intriguing development. Contrary to Memphis' reputation, in 4 years' worth of Yearbooks Dundee has not turned heel or even really teased a heel turn, not even during the feud with Danny Davis. This is the first inkling of such since the mid-'80s.


Hey, the Dream Machine is back! HE wants to team with Dundee. I question the veracity of Graham's claim that he and Dundee sold out the Philadelphia Spectrum and the Superdome. He calls out Dundee for a hug and I smell another swerve. Dundee is committed to helping Jerry Lawler, but Graham points out that Christopher just accidentally clocked him and that he not-so-accidentally broke Dream Machine's ankle. A fed-up Graham eventually clobbers Dundee from behind and the heels are out to put a whooping on Dundee and Christopher. TERRIFIC angle--it ends in typical Memphis fashion, but Dundee & Graham have tremendous chemistry on the stick and they threw in a few new wrinkles to keep you guessing during and after the angle. Is Dundee going to see their point about Lawler or not? The Superstar is a huge breath of fresh air in a Memphis promotion that had been hot but was starting to grow stale again.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-11-19-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & Brian Christopher vs Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert & Scott Bowden / Interview: Tommy Rich / Bill Dundee and Dream Machine

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