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[1994-11-19-NWA-World Title Tournament] Al Snow vs Chris Candido


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Tammy looking very hot. Not a patient crowd as they are already chanting boring only minutes into the match. It looks to be an SMW show because of the personalities involved but it sems to be a different type of crowd. Lots of reversals in the match including many switches on a waistlock attempt. Each guy’s german suplex isn’t too pretty looking. They mess up a leap frog spot. The crowd seemed to get to them early but after that they wrestled better. Candido ends up blocking a powerbomb attempt to win. They shake hands after.

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I thought this was a very good match. I also think it said it all about the state of wrestling when people chanted boring every time they grabbed a hold, especially in a tournament for the NWA World title. This is a match between two guys who were coming along nicely and should have been major stars, but never quite met their potential. They're doing all the young athletic stuff, but they are also working a smart match that makes sense. I enjoyed this.

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Thought this was pretty fun and well-worked. Most of the derogatory chants sounded like they came from one obnoxious douchebag in particular. There are a few awkward points but they're covered nicely, and a lot of the other moves are executed very crisply, and are also built up to well.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-11-19-NWA-World Title Tournament] Al Snow vs Chris Candido

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