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[1994-12-03-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express and Jim Cornette / Interview: Cactus Jack & Brian Lee / Interview: The Gangstas


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Jim Cornette has something to say to the Rock & Roll Express. Christmas Chaos will be their last chance to win the tag titles. Jim doesn’t like the idea that The Gangstas could be the ones to get rid of the Express. Cornette wants to be the one to finally get the rid of them someday. So he is offering his services to help them win the tag titles. Cornette’s cheating will be the difference. Express agree to let Cornette manage them but Ricky has a warning if Jim messes around.


Cactus will team with Brian Lee against Boo Bradly and Chris Candido. Cactus gives a charming little promo that rhymes.


No disclaimer for the Gangstas. New Jack don’t need Cornette. He reminds us again that this will be the last chance for Rock & Roll Express. Jim Ross wants to verify if this isn’t some kind of double cross in the making but New Jack denies this. New Jack was very mellow.

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First, Cornette has asked for time to talk to the Rock & Roll Express. He points out that the Rock & Rolls only have one more shot to win the tag titles, coming up at Christmas Chaos. He tells them they have to make this shot count. He points out that the Gangstas have come closer than anyone to running the Rock & Rolls out of SMW. He makes an offer - he can help the Rock & Rolls win the tag titles at Christmas Chaos by managing them, and he can guarantee them they'll win the tag titles. His motivation is that he wants the Bodies to get credit for running the Rock & Rolls out of the territory, not the Gangstas. The Rock & Rolls deliberate and take him up on his offer, but tell him that if he turns on them, they will leave him for dead. Great segment.


Next up is an interview with Cactus & Brian Lee. Cactus does a hilarious poem explaining all the horrible things he is going to do to Candido.


Finally, the Gangstas reiterate that they will not give the Rock & Rolls another title shot after Christmas Chaos. He confirms that there is no deal with Cornette.

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The Cornette/Rock n Roll segment was great and Cornette did a great job of explaining his stance and at least the Rock N Rolls acted suspicious like the viewer and were not completely trustworthy like we have seen in USWA from time to time.


The Cactus promo with the rhyming was my favorite from his in SMW so far.


The Gansters responding is nice to continue the feud and build up anticipation as I don't know where they were going with the angle.

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Cornette offering his services to teh Rock'n Roll is another awesome promo from Corny, and it makes a whole lot of sense to the point I didn't even consider it might be a plot until JR talked about it later during the Gangstas interview. Cornette was great at making this kind of angle that made sense in the grand scheme of things, with logical explanations and motivations. This is really the strongest point of his booking.


Cactus was on fire with his promos after leaving WCW.

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Cornette and the Rock 'n Rolls turn in one of the non-wrestling segments of the year, maybe the very best. As monumental as the idea of Cornette managing the Rock 'n Rolls is, Cornette and Ricky explain it in a way that makes perfect sense. Finally, a fresh use of Cornette.


Cactus & Brian Lee will be facing Chris Candido & Boo Bradley in a falls-count-anywhere match at Christmas Chaos. Cactus recites his semi-infamous poem.


New Jack rather reasonably states that the Rock 'n Rolls will be out of title shots after Christmas Chaos. Aside from the big "X" in the background, the controversy is toned way down and New Jack just sticks to wrestling.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-12-03-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express and Jim Cornette / Interview: Cactus Jack & Brian Lee / Interview: The Gangstas

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