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[1994-12-03-SMW-TV] Cactus Jack vs Chris Candido


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Cactus doing some wrestling. Headlock takedown. ECW fans would be booing this. We do get the Cactus clothesline. Candido grabs a crutch from ringside fan and uses it as a weapon. Tammy leaves ringside and returns back with Boo. Accident collision with Candido and Bradley leads to Cactus victory. Pretty good match between the two. It was nice to see a wrestling match from Cactus compared to the rest of the brawls he’s been in on the set.

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Nice match. Agreed that it's nice to see Cactus in a more normal wrestling match. This feels on par with some of his best WCW B-show stuff - a little wild, but mostly just good, intense wrestling. Candido looks excellent here, mixing highspots, wrestling and brawling. Cactus gets the win, but Tammy sprays him in the eyes with hairspray right after. They want Boo to jump on Cactus from the top rope - to the point that Tammy is threatening to hurt Boots the Cat - but Brian Lee makes the save.

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Good TV matches I've been severely lacking in SMW this year, and this is one of them. Candido is clearly the best worker in the promotion since he showed up, and he shines again here. Nice to have some real action with a modern feeling to the work. I'm digging this whole feud quite a bit.

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This was fantastic, probably the best TV match to air on Smoky Mountain. Lots of advanced offense but they also have a hold of the basics. Candido is so talented at so many styles it hurts to think about, knowing what would become of him. Tammy leaves 3/4 of the way through to get Boo Bradley, but instead of a standard run-in finish Boo accidentally costs Candido and it leads to a refreshingly clean finish. Tammy implores Boo to climb to the top turnbuckle or else she strangles Boots, but Boo takes long enough for Brian Lee to make the save. SMW is the hottest it's been since the Bodies left town, and is by a wide margin the best promotion in the U.S. at this point.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-12-03-SMW-TV] Cactus Jack vs Chris Candido

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