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[1994-12-27-WCW-Starrcade '94] Alex Wright vs Jean Paul Leveque


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Last few minutes. Meet Jean Paul Leveque, the guy slated to be in WCW's upcoming cruiserweight division! Heenan predicts superstardom! I laugh at a horrible chinlock spot with HHH whispering to Wright for what seems like 15 minutes before letting Wright do the sequence. HHH's first yearbook photo! Alex Wright gets the win. :) Welcome to pro wrestling, where you can't always predict who is going to end up where in the long run.


I should add that booker Ric Flair put pet project Alex Wright over the future Hunter Hearst Helmsley!

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Youth movement in WCW on PPV. Nice. both showed potential, but the match went way too long (eh !). But the one thing that strikes me rewatching this, is that Levesque (who is announced from Saint-Pierre L'Eglise, in Normandie, I guess it's fairly exotic) in this gimmick looks exactly like... oh man, the high boots, the hairstyle, he's FUCKING FRANCIS LALANNE !!! Oh man I'll never be able to watch HHH the same way again !! I can picture him crying on a booking commitee because he doesn't want to do a job or something : "Hey you ! Rond-de-cuir bookers ! There are plenty young workers like me who can work and you want them to do jobs, while you can't work yourself !!"

(I realize I'm entertaining only myself here, but what the hell, this totally stroke me watching this match. And made me laugh to no end too.)

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The Brain declares that Jean-Paul is going to be a future superstar in 1995 and beyond. He was getting some buzz at the time but I don't think anyone realized to what extent Bobby was speaking the truth. Some pretty good action and offense here despite some hesitance on Leveque's part at times, but with two guys with a combined 3-4 years of experience that's to be expected. A promising start for both of these guys, though Wright was the better overall worker at this point.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-12-27-WCW-Starrcade '94] Alex Wright vs Jean Paul Leveque

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