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[1990-06-30-ICW-TV] ICW Teen Report: G.Q. Madison


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Oh, lighten up, guys. This is one step above high school gyms and flea markets. You expected Mean Gene Okerlund or Gordon Solie? Dawna does what little she does as best she can, and Madison is inoffensive. Does anyone know if he made it big, or at all?


Everyone loves Dawna! Perhaps the sarcasm wasn't easy to pick up on, but believe me, Dawna is a favorite of pretty much everyone who has posted in this thread.

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Dawna’s back! And with her is the man who’s been chosen to be wrestler of the month for June, Mr G.Q. Madison. She’s got some questions for him that have been sent in by the viewers, and these are every bit as trivial as the ones she had for Super Mario. Someone wants to know what ‘G.Q.’ stood for, and he says ‘Gentleman’s Quarterly’ as he used to model for them. Dawna even tries a joke at this point telling him that she thought she’s seen him before! Another person wants to know what his most prized possession is (his family) and the final person wonders what his future career ambitions are (to make it in the wrestling business). Dawna congratulates him again for winning the award, thanks him for stopping by and says that she’ll see us later.


I think Dawna might have been slightly smitten with Mr Gentleman’s Quarterly, although I did like her attempt to crack a joke. She’s also taken to looking at the camera instead of the person she’s interviewing for some reason!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-06-30-ICW-TV] ICW Teen Report: G.Q. Madison

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