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Flair makes a Buddy Love-style entrance. Ole's just kind of there but Windham (rather surprisingly) and Arn (not so much) are fantastic, as is Flair. Curiously they seem to be hyping up "stipulations" as though the presence of the Dudes with Attitudes and the Ole handcuffing aren't supposed to be known yet--plus Sid is nowhere to be seen or mentioned.

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How far in advance was this taped? It had to be pretty far, because the Dudes being at ringside and Gigante being handcuffed to Ole aren't mentioned here. As for Sid, maybe he was at a softball game.


The promo itself was average for the Horsemen, which is to say superb. Barry's back in the verbal groove, and Arn and Flair take the cake as usual. I loved Paul getting on his knees and kissing Flair's ring too. The only one who's a bit off here is Ole, but he's always overshadowed by Arn and Ric in situations like this. He's at his best one on one or when he's with a non-talker like Sid.

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It’s an exclusive for the Danger Zone as members of the Four Horsemen are his guests this week on the show. Paul E. says how everyone is coming after the Horsemen, but Ole tells him that on July 7th there is no way the title belt is changing hands and it will be coming back to the Horsemen, you can bet on it! Windham says how Jim Herd keeps coming up with these new stipulations and is threatening to add new ones to their matches, but nothing he does will change the way they do things, and it won’t change the outcome of the match either. Arn states that the politics of this business has been their adversary from day one. It’s always been a political scheme to step on the Horsemen because they can’t find four or five guys with the talent to beat them. Stipulations or not, everything will be just like it started and they will remain on top of the game. Flair says how it is no secret that there is animosity between him and the NWA, and that they try to lay down guidelines and new rules every day. It’s a resentment based on one thing, the Four Horsemen and the fact that they’re the four best wrestlers in the sport today. The Naitch then takes off a shoe and tells Sting that he pays a grand a pair for these, they’re alligator, they’re custom made, and on the best day of his life Sting wouldn’t be able to wear them. Baltimore, MD has seen him wrestle every great athlete alive, come out victorious each time and Sting is next. Heyman says that this is why Ric Flair is the greatest living human being in the world today and the gets on his knees, kisses his hand and thanks him!


Where was Sid? Great go home interview from Flair for the Bash and good stuff from Arn here too. Whilst Ole was not at his best here, it’s fair to say that of the four best talkers of the year so far, three of them are in the Horsemen.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-01-NWA-Main Event] Danger Zone: Four Horsemen

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