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[1990-07-02-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Ted DiBiase vignette


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This one was fun, You can tell that both Teddy and the coach were having a blast. Yes, it's overacted and repetitive, but what isn't in the WWF around this time? Better this than hearing the Warrior blather about "normals" for five minutes straight.


The major problem they're running into is that too many of these feuds are taking too long to blow off on TV. In this new cable age, house shows weren't enough; in order for a feud to have a true conclusion, it needed to end on a pay-per-view or SNME (in a match that actually made the show with Vince and Jesse calling it, not just a dark match at the taping or a Coliseum Video exclusive). We know that this feud didn't get that treatment, so all these vignettes seem rather pointless unless you actually went to a house show that had this match on it or saw the tape that this match made. That doesn't mean that the vignettes themselves weren't well done.


I think we all need to change our perspective on what's meaningless or not when it comes to the big two American companies in the nineties and stop expecting segments to have a "point". Just enjoy them for their own sake and move on.

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Dibiase says he has already proven what a complete total idiot the Big Bossman was at school, and now he’s here with his old football coach ‘Coach Batten’, on the very field where he supposedly played football. He enquires to Coach whether the Bossman played football here and he says ‘if you want to call it that. He was on the team!’ When Dibiase wonders about his co-ordination for playing the game, Coach gets frustrated and throws his cap to the floor saying that he couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time, and that he used to think he had lace on his panties! He says that you have to be tough to play football, you have to be a ‘hitter’ and he asks what kind of ‘hitter’ the Big Bossman was? Coach says that he couldn’t even crack an egg, which leads to Dibiase speculating if he couldn’t crack an egg and wasn’t a hitter, what position did he play? Was he a guard? Coach says that yeah he was a guard, he guarded the water bucket and watched the cheerleaders! Dibiase claims that he’s proven once more that the Bossman is a hick, from a hick high school, in a hick town, in a hick town and the Big Bossman has a price for the Million Dollar Man, just like all the other hicks in this county here. As he is saying this Virgil brings out the dollar bills in front of Coach’s face, and he was another who had his price.


Coach was a bit too hammy here and overacting throughout. It was clearly an actor pretending to be a ‘coach’, doing all the stereotypical coach mannerisms like spitting and throwing off his cap. Dibiase and his laugh were great, but he’s kinda proved his point by now and I’m hoping there aren’t any more of these.

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