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[1990-07-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Eddie Gilbert


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Gilbert is STILL looking for his money! Move on, Eddie. He pulls BRIAN HILDEBRAND out of the crowd, a studio plant, who claims to be a big Eddie Gilbert fan. He offers to take a picture with him then socks him in the mouth. Gilbert snaps and really wants his $5000! He thinks Lawler has his money. Insert your own jokes about why Gilbert really needs this cash.

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Gilbert accuses Dave Brown and Jerry Lawler of having his $5,000. Mark Curtis makes an appearance, as a Gilbert fan pulled out of the crowd for a picture, only to get socked in the face as Gilbert accuses him of having the money as well. I suspect this isn't the last of Gilbert's paranoid Ricky Roma act.

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I thought maybe it was a cousin, since Hildebrand looked a lot like a Gilbert here. At any rate, no one's better at snapping and going after the innocent than Eddie, and we see it again here. I thought that after he was done with Hildebrand, Dave was next.


So Eddie's five grand is going to be the reason behind the restart of the Lawler/Gilbert feud. If this was a corker with only pride and ego on the line, it ought to be something else again with money as a motivator. I can't wait to see how this plays out!

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Eddie Gilbert makes his way out and over to Dave Brown and wonders if Bill Dundee left him his money last week? Dave says ‘no’ and he doesn’t think he’s going to be getting it either. There’s some noise from the crowd and he calls a fan over. It’s a Brian Hildebrand. I smell an angle! Hildebrand says how he is a big fan of Gilbert’s and that he is his idol. Eddie offers to have his photo taken with him, before checking again that Dave doesn’t have his money! He gets Sam Lowe to come over and take the picture, but Gilbert then backhands Hildebrand to the jaw and starts rag dolling him and shouting has he got his money? He says that Bill Dundee promised him $5,000 to be his partner and he did what he asked and came right out here last week. His tone changes and he bets that Jerry Lawler got his money and has his $5,000. He says that ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert is back and he’s not leaving until he gets his $5,000!


That backhander he gave Hildebrand looked more vicious than the one Matt Borne gave Chris Von Erich. He proper cracked him with Hildebrand taking a nice bump off it to. Those ‘Get Bucked’ chants are really starting to get annoying now, and Gilbert at least addressed them and tries to get them to stop, by telling the fans that they’ll end up like Hildebrand if they don’t stop.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Eddie Gilbert

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