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[1990-07-23-ICW-TV] Interview: Tony Atlas


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Nice WWF-style green screen here. At least ICW put money into something for once in its life.


Again I ask: Vince had a chance to add a persona like this to the WWF and he created Saba Simba instead? It had to be a test for Tony to see how low he would sink to make money. Whether he passed or failed is a matter of opinion, but you can't tell me someone in Stamford didn't know about these promos. They were too good, and ICW was right in Vince's backyard. Atlas as he was seen here would have been an ideal replacement for Bad News Brown.

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Tony Atlas says that when he was a young boy he was told that every dog has his day, but Chief Thunder Mountain won’t have his day in the ICW. He may have gotten a ‘slip’ win over him, but he’s never put the shoulders down of the Atlas and he never will! Next week he’s got another match with this big, fat, overweight, bad breath boy, and there will be no count out or disqualification. Only one man can walk out the ring a winner, and that’s him, the man himself, the ICW champion!


These are so much better when Atlas has an opponent to talk about in his promo as opposed to just talking about himself. Cool WWF-style green screen behind him too!

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