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[1990-08-05-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Dusty Rhodes


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Sapphire is out wearing some expensive jewelry, and says she got a trip for a cruise around the world! They don't know where the presents are coming from, but both are happy. REALLY? COULD THIS BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS? COME ON! That aside, Dusty does an incredible interview built around the concepts of "satisfaction" and "playing dog".

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Sapphire has an expensive bracelet and necklace, and now a cruise around the world. Sapphire loves whoever is sending these...and so does Dusty?? Jesus, what a chump. Dusty says that in Austin, Texas they didn't have no kings and queens--who was it that he wined and dined with, then? Dusty promises to get SATISFACTION at the Macho King's expense at SummerSlam.


I really have to express again what an endless fucking feud this was. I was absolutely beyond insulted that the WWF would have the nerve to expect us to pay money for a PPV that featured Sapphire vs. Sherri in a singles match.

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Yes, the Savage/Dusty feud is growing a full-length beard by now, but I'll be damned if Dusty's promo doesn't have me psyched for their match at SummerSlam. This is the type of promo Crockett fans got on a weekly basis, and by now Dusty evidently felt comfortable enough in the WWF to really turn loose on the stick. It's something to behold for both the eyes and the ears.


Pete commented above that he was insulted that the WWF expected us to buy a pay-per-view that contained a Sapphire/Sherri singles match. Someone in high places may have agreed with him; that might be one reason why the "mystery benefactor" angle paid off at SummerSlam, so that Juanita wouldn't have to get in the ring with a trained worker like Sherri and be embarrassed in a one-on-one bout. If that was the case, smart move by the WWF.


Loved Bobby's line about the Rolling Stones album.

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The Dream’s music plays and Gorilla Monsoon comments on how the crowd have got to their feet for him, but Heenan says it’s not because they like him, it’s because they want to count the dots! Okerlund introduces Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire, and ‘The Brain’ notices that Sapphire is wearing a necklace and bracelet, while Gorilla mentions how she’s been getting a lot of gifts recently. He then jokes that obviously some store is missing its merchandise! Okerlund says that at Summerslam Dusty Rhodes will be facing Randy Savage, while Sapphire will be taking on Sensational Sherri. Gene comments on Sapphire’s jewellery and wonders what’s next? She then pulls out a brochure for a round the world trip, and while she doesn’t know who her benefactor is, she likes it! The Dream doesn’t know who’s been giving Sapphire those presents, but he knows that Sherri has got a whipping coming at Summerslam! When he was growing up in Austin, TX they didn’t have Kings and Queens, all they had was people who worked in ditches for a living, and money meant nothing because they had satisfaction, and without satisfaction you can’t get by. He tells Randy Savage that he is looking for satisfaction, he’s got to have satisfaction, he wants satisfaction and he’s going to get satisfaction at Summerslam. The talking is over!


So this is the starts of the Dibiase/Rhodes storyline and could they really not work out where all of Sapphire’s lavish presents were coming from? Never really understood what he would want with her anyway, unless it’s just a way to screw with the Dream. Anyway Sapphire is a new contender for worst promo of the year. Dusty has so much charisma that he sucks you into his promos, even with something like this match which has long since ran its cause.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-05-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Dusty Rhodes

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