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[1990-08-11-WWF-Superstars] Nikolai Volkoff & Hacksaw Duggan promo / Sgt. Slaughter vignette


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Duggan and Volkoff are very happy and thankful.


Sarge cuts another on-location promo, but apparently this time it's on a satellite hook-up with Vince in the booth. Boy Scouts are little pukes! Slaughter will declare war at SummerSlam. Slaughter will be interviewed by a Real American at SummerSlam: Brother Love!

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Inoffensive stuff from Duggan and Volkoff. Not so from Sarge, unfortunately. I understand getting heat, but calling the Boy Scouts pukes? This whole run's already garbage, and we haven't even seen Adnan yet. I'd have rather seen Slaughter as a lame babyface midcarder than like this.


Didn't Vince remember how Slaughter debuted for his dad ten years before? What was wrong with giving that an update? Make Heenan the commanding general, talk about how disappointed he is in the country he loves, declare war on guys like Volkoff and Duggan who have no idea what patriotism's about, then run the Cobra Clutch Challenge for ten grand a try, double for Volkoff, Duggan.........and Hogan. I can't absolutely guarantee that this would have gotten Sarge the main event at Mania VII, but it sure would have spared Vince a hell of a lot of needless embarrassment. Sometimes the old ways aren't just the best ways, they're the only ways.


And now we have to sit through this crap for over a year. Lord, give me strength............

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Heenan dressed in military surplus garb sounds promising, though Cornette tried that in SMW at the end of its run and it didn't work. You can't help but notice that Hogan and Heenan were pretty much done with each other as soon as the Andre program ended in the summer of '88, and I can't help but wonder if that was intentional.


And the Cobra Clutch...well, by now that was DiBiase's move, and in the WWF (and other promotions) that stuff mattered.


In a way I kind of admire these Sarge promos for their sheer audacity, hooking up to current events in a way that actually felt organic and dare I say "real," and not cheap and desperate like the Gulf War stuff. I still think the out-of-touch '80s relic gimmick had legs to it, sort of a WWF-ized version of the former Marine Dick Murdoch turning on Dusty Rhodes because he couldn't accept Dusty teaming with that Commie Nikita Koloff.


If it makes you feel any better, Sarge's "I want my country back" angle is even worse than the absolute worst Iraqi stuff.

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Good point about the cobra clutch/Million Dollar Dream. I wondered why Sarge used the Sheik's camel clutch instead. Okay, then, use the camel clutch. The basic point still stands.


I'd be interested in why you believe Hogan and Bobby were intentionally kept apart after '88. I'm not doubting you; the evidence is right on film. I'm just wondering what you (or anyone else) think would possess Vince to keep apart his top babyface and the man who would only become further cemented as the WWF's best heel manager in the last three years of his career, particularly when Hogan's the one who brought Bobby in in the first place. By this point, the heel manager roster is pathetic and growing worse every time it's on camera except for Heenan and Sherri, whose act is exclusive to Savage.


By the way, why didn't Teddy use the Million Dollar Dream challenge? You'd think it would be a perfect way to get across his wealth by having, say, a $100,000 prize for breaking the hold.

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I don't *know*, I just wonder. It almost seemed like every manager got a "turn" on top against Hogan. He went from Blassie to Heenan to Slick, then to...well, the Genius, then to Jimmy Hart, then to Adnan, then to...well, that sort of blows my theory up because Heenan was heavily involved with Ric Flair, but that was partially because Jim Cornette turned them down. Then lastly to Fuji.

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Corny managing Flair in the WWF? That would make sense, because both of them could have come in as invaders from the NWA, whether that organization was mentioned or not. Considering what else Corny had going on at the time, which was nothing much, I wonder why he turned them down? I know he reveres Flair, so it wasn't a personal issue between them.

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Nikolai is wearing his ‘medal of honour’, and Hacksaw just wants to take this opportunity to tell him that he’s proud of him, he’s proud of everyone at home and he’s proud of that Boy Scout troop for supporting him. Volkoff says that he’s the happiest man in the world (and he looks it to be fair!), and wants to thank the Boy Scout troop for presenting him with this medal as it’s the best present he’s ever received in his life!


Drill Sgt. Slaughter is out on ‘manoeuvres’, but this vignette is done to make it seem like Vince McMahon is interviewing him. When Vince asks him about the ‘medal of freedom’ that the Boy Scouts gave Nikolai Volkoff, he says that Boy Scouts are little pukes, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a big puke or a little puke, if you’re a supporter of Nikolai Volkoff, you’re all pukes! As far as declarations go, the only declaration he ever knew was a declaration of war and that’s what he’s going to declare at Summerslam. He’s going to be there with a ‘real American’, Brother Love, not some pinko commie, and when they stand in the middle of the ring he demands everyone gives them their undivided attention and gives them respect.


Slaughter and Love at Summerslam is something that had completely slipped my mind.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-11-WWF-Superstars] Nikolai Volkoff & Hacksaw Duggan promo / Sgt. Slaughter vignette

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