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[1990-08-11-WWF-Superstars] Brother Love: Ultimate Warrior


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Warrior was actually quite lucid by his own standards here, piggybacking on Brother Love's statements about "vision" quite nicely. I'm not quite sure what was up with the masks all of a sudden (I don't think I remember seeing them advertised anywhere), but they made for quite a visual. I don't think that they were going for even an accidental cut vibe; they were trying to make Warrior more human, not less.


Kevin mentioned that Warrior knocking over Brother Love's podium and breaking his glasses was unacceptable in his opinion. I'm guessing that he meant doing it before Brother Love provoked him, in which case he has a point. But in general? That's the number one thing most fans wanted to see: Brother Love getting the crap kicked out of him by his babyface guests. The only reason it didn't happen at least a little more often was that Bruce Prichard wasn't really a bump taker.

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Brother Love’s guest this week is a man who lacks vision and who was a little short sighted when he signed his Summerslam contract; a man who didn’t read the fine print when it said ‘cage’ match. If there was ever a man, or should he say animal who needs to be caged, it’s his guest, the WWF Champion, the Ultimate Warrior. The Warrior snatches Love’s glasses and snaps them, then grabs him by his lapels. He tells Love that he knows nothing about vision, but it’s because of the visions that his Warriors have, that he’s been able to continue taking steps forward in fulfilling the duties that they’ve laid out for him. He walked into the ‘Ultimate Challenge’ as a challenger but left the WWF Champion, and he will enter the cage at Summerslam as leave as the Ultimate World Wrestling Federation Champion.


Not too keen on the black face paint that the Warrior was sporting here as it makes him look dirty. Comprehensible, coherent promo for a change as well from him.

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