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[1990-08-18-NAWA-TV] Interview: Robert Fuller & Stud Stable


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The Stud Stable at this point is Fuller, Matt Borne and the Nasty Boys. Robert Fuller has become one of the people I look forward to seeing the most on yearbooks because he's such a great talker.


They bring out "Luther", whoever that is, who has one of the strangest hairstyles I have ever seen. Fuller offers a Stud Stable contract and asks this black wrestler "Can you read, boy?" then completely backtracks when called on it, saying he didn't mean it like that. Fuller then breaks out the guitar and plays a nice little song.


He's doing the Roy Orbison-style crooning!

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Robert Fuller is with his Stud Stable in what appears to be a legitimate stable. He brings in "Luther D," who's dressed in an amateur singlet and has a Kid 'n Play hairdo. Fuller accidentally refers to him as "boy" but apologizes and wins him over to sign a contract by offering him his wallet, complete with credit card. Fuller serenades us again though this isn't quite pack the emotional punch that his lament for Sylvia did.

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I wonder if this Luther turned into anything. I thought he was going to attack Fuller when Fuller called him "boy", but no such luck.


Fuller, Borne, and the Nasties is quite the stable to reckon with in any organization.


Fuller isn't a bad singer by any means. Does anybody else think he'd have been a better Honky Tonk Man than Wayne Ferris? He'd have been a much better worker than Ferris was under that gimmick for sure.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-18-NAWA-TV] Interview: Robert Fuller & Stud Stable

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