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[1990-08-18-USWA-Championship Sports] Jerry Lawler promo


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If the date on this is actually 8/18, Taylor hadn't shown up in Dallas yet; he's Akbar's mystery man, as we'll see a couple of segments down the road.


The fans in Dallas finally get a taste of the intense babyface Lawler that Memphis has loved for so long. Most of these same fans have probably wanted Ak gone since he showed up, and I can see why they would latch on to the King, even after all the despicable things he's done in the last couple of years. With Chris the only Von Erich active in the USWA and Adams busy with Austin, Lawler and Jarrett are their only hope. The King's just a bit edgier than he usually is back home, but that's better than raiding a sixth-grade jokebook like he has so often before. Devastation Inc. is in for a peck of trouble!

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Jerry Lawler says that ‘he’s back’, thanks to Jeff Jarrett’s win over Devastation Inc. The suspension is lifted and he’s on his way back to Dallas, TX. Skandor Akhbar is trying to play his little mind games, trying to confuse them by saying he’s got a mystery partner for Gary Young, and he’s not going to let them know until Friday night who their competition is. Is that supposed to scare them and strike fear into their hearts? These tricks don’t work on ‘The King’, and he doesn’t care if he gets King Kong and Godzilla because Jeff Jarrett and he are going to be ready for whomever he gets. Last time he was there they had to carry Sweet Daddy Falcone out on a stretcher, and this time he’s gone and scraped the bottom of the barrel and got someone who is such a nothing happening nobody that he’s ashamed to show his face and tell them who he is! He doesn’t care who he gets and how many people he lines up in front of him, Skandor Akhbar is who he is after, he’s the one who pushed the suspension through, the one who needs to be hurt and the one that everyone in Dallas has had enough of. He is nothing more than a leech that sucks blood out of his wrestlers that he gets to do his dirty work because he’s not man enough to do it himself. This Friday he’s going to go through his mystery man until he gets to him, and when he does, it won’t be a pretty sight!


I’ve missed Lawler cutting these serious promos in Dallas and this was another great one here. Terry Taylor is the mystery partner that ‘The King’ is referring to, and is revealed before the end of the episode.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-18-USWA-Championship Sports] Jerry Lawler promo

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