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[1990-09-14-NJPW] Big Van Vader vs Shinya Hashimoto


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This had some good stuff that made me primed to see another match between the two--despite, or even because of, Hashimoto's rather cheap victory. Somehow this worked for me a lot more than the non-pinfall in the SWS match. Seeing Hash and Vader whale away on each other sounds like something I could watch all day.

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Hashimoto starts fast, including a bodyslam, and ends fast. The rest of this is all Vader.


I don't think this finish was all that cheap, considering the pounding Hash took. I clearly got the sense that he was lucky, but he was also smart enough to avoid an obviously telegraphed avalanche against the post. They sure weren't going to have Vader beaten clean, so if they wanted a victory for his opponent to build a feud, it was either this or some kind of DQ.


I was surprised that Hash got to slam Vader so early in the match. Most promotions would have saved a spot like that for closer to the end, when it would have brought down the house.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-14-NJPW] Big Van Vader vs Shinya Hashimoto

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