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[1990-09-14-EMLL] El Hijo del Santo & Eddy Guerrero & El Satanico vs Los Brazos


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I thought this was excellent for giving every person involved a chance to stand out in a unique way. The personalities had time to get over, and in turn, the match got over. This is the first time I've ever really paid much attention to the Brazos as a group, and the way they play off of each other works really well. At first, I thought this was a little plodding and wondered why people love the Brazos so much. But I appreciated the contrast in styles the more the match progressed, both within the team and opposite the technicos. Satanico is the best actual *wrestler* in this, but Eddy and Santo look great too. It's too common for luchadores to get lost in trios matches, and that didn't happen here, which is a testament to the skill of charisma of everyone involved.

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The Brazos completely dominate the first fall, with Super Porky's big fat plancha off the apron being the highlight. The tecnicos come back in the second fall with a fun little Eddy vs. Brazo de Plata face-off that ends with Eddy getting in a bodyslam on Porky and selling it like the most monumental feat of strength in lucha history. More of the same in the third fall as the Brazos rather seamlessly move from being big, bruising bully rudos to comedic ones. El Brazo gets eliminated in the third fall but comes back in to interfere, getting the match thrown out for the DQ. Everyone looks good here but Porky is actually the guy who impressed me the most. Few things are more appealing to me than a big fat bump machine and Plata more than delivers.

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I was able to get into this more than usual, mostly because of the style clash between the superheavyweight (at least for lucha) Brazos and the high-flying technicos. I especially liked the spot where Eddie slammed Super Porky after three tries. Also, the height that the technicos got on some of their dives was absolutely incredible, particularly the one Eddie used to get one of the Brazos counted out in the second fall.


Boy, was Porky sweating or what? I know he's a big guy, but for him to sweat like that it had to have been hot for Mexico in mid-September.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-14-EMLL] El Hijo del Santo & Eddy Guerrero & El Satanico vs Los Brazos

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