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[1990-09-14-EMLL] Perro Aguayo & Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 vs Konnan & Ringo Mendoza & Rayo de Jalisco Jr


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The main reason this is here is because the biggest lucha libre match of the year is on September 21 when Cien Caras and Rayo de Jalisco face off in a mask match, and I wanted to have something to give it some context.


Konnan working good, intricate mat sequences with Mascara Ano Dos Mil in the early stages of this is not something I expected to see. Rayo/Caras hype was what I was hoping for, and the match definitely delivered that. Konnan quickly turns on his teammates, standing on the apron while Rayo gets doubleteamed by the Dinamitas and Mendoza gets worked over by Perro on the floor. He refuses to extend his hand when both of his teammates reach for the tag. The match is a pretty one-sided slaughter as a result. Konnan eventually attacked his teammates, but it took a while. The length of this caused me to get a little bored with it, as I got the point after a few minutes, but mission accomplished - Rayo vs Caras has some context, as Caras was ducking him in the early stages, did quite the number on him during this match, and went for his mask several times.

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Not a great match--at times, even though I understood the storyline, it was frankly a bit of a mess--but an interesting look at what the heavyweights were doing in lucha at the time. Konnan surprises me by taking it to the mat with Mascara 2000 and looking good doing it, then doing a heel turn almost immediately afterward. He just stands on the apron for the first fall, posing or walking off when his teammates ask for a tag, and eventually the rudos are disqualified for the continued 3-on-2 attack and Perro leveling Mendoza with a piledriver just to be a dick. The beatdowns go on afterward with Konnan actively working with the rudos, and Rayo is eventually beaten down into defeat. The attack continues after the match and after looking like cowards in the opening portion the rudos are standing dominant.

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This really wasn't much of a match; it was a great angle and beatdown, though. Actually, it was two angles in one: Konnan's rudo turn and the setup for the mask match between Jalisco and Caras. It was rare back then that one segment affected two separate storylines, so it was nice to see here.


The beatdown was a tad long, but it had enough action in it that it didn't become totally boring. I like that Konnan didn't actually begin to physically attack his partners until the third fall; two falls of one match isn't a ton of time in which to build an angle, but it was better than having him turn right off the bat. If he'd done that, there would have been no logical reason for the match (such as it was) to continue.


I see we have another Konnan trios bout coming up this month. Can't wait to see how his story progresses.

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This was cool, and kind of different than what I've seen so far from the lucha stuff. First of all, Perro Aguayo was in it, so how can it be bad? Plus, it's an angle rather than a full on match, so that's cool. So that's THE Konnan? Hm. Anyway, I'm excited for the big singles match coming out of this. Cool addition.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-14-EMLL] Perro Aguayo & Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 vs Konnan & Ringo Mendoza & Rayo de Jalisco Jr

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