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[1991-07-08-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Randy Savage in the studio


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Lord Alfred Hays takes us inside his head while Randy Savage lays down a cape to cover a puddle for Elizabeth. Jamison takes us inside his head while Savage reads the newspaper and talks to Liz in black and white. Heenan takes us inside his head to Savage doing the dishes while Liz screams at him to hurry up. This is funny, but so, so business exposing.


Savage comes on to the set as a guest. Savage is thinking about his wedding 25 hours a day. I am always impressed by wrestlers that can live their gimmicks in any setting, and that definitely applies to Savage here. He's funny here and totally in gimmick.


"A man in my position cannot afford to look ridiculous." -- Savage saying that in that outfit is awesome.

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"YEAH, READING GLASSES, THANK YOU VERY MUCH." Oh my God, Savage is absolutely priceless here, acting exactly like Savage always does regardless of the setting. Heenan envisions a future in which Savage is washing dishes while arguing with Charlie Brown's schoolteacher. Yeah, that took kayfabe, put a bullet in its head, ran it over with a steamroller, and dumped the body in a swamp...but I think Savage could easily take Jerry Lawler in a phone book-reading contest.


Savage's baseball background is brought up for maybe the first time ever on TV, and Monsoon asks if he's "touched all the bases in this situation." And it being Gorilla, I can't tell if that has any double-meaning at all or not. Gorilla and Bobby both antagonize Randy about the possibilities of a wedding interruption, or Liz walking out herself for a better offer (Bobby: "Donald Trump's single"). Another standout performance from Savage, who's been thriving in almost any setting heel or babyface, main eventer or mid-card.

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I think sometimes we're a little too concerned about what draws money or helps further an in-ring storyline. This whole wedding business really isn't designed to do either one, regardless of what SummerSlam's tagline may be. It's supposed to be the culmination of the last storyline of the Randy Savage character, his last act as the Macho Man. As such, I couldn't care less if any of it exposes the business or not. There is no more business as far as Savage is concerned; he's a retired commentator, plain and simple as that. He's fair game for any situation, period, and that's why this is so good. They can make him look as ridiculous as they choose without restraint, because he doesn't have to draw them one red cent anymore, or so it appears at this time anyway.


Gino and Bobby are golden here as usual, and while the imagination sequences were kind of dopey, they provided insight into Lord Alfred and Jamison as characters, which you don't often see. Heenan's was the best, of course, and part of me wishes that they'd actually had Liz herself as part of the scene yelling at Randy rather than the "Charlie Brown's schoolteacher" voice. Gino brings up Hogan and Warrior as two people who could object to the wedding, which isn't too far-fetched given each man's past history with Savage. Bobby, of course, brings up Donald Trump as another possible objector, which would have been something to see as well given that Trump wasn't opposed to appearing in angles. Savage handles all of this exactly as you'd expect he would: with his own blustery style of aplomb. I especially liked his response to Gino's query about whether he covered all the bases with Liz: "I learned to do that when I was a little Macho baby!"


This is a departure from the way the rest of the leadup to the wedding was handled, but humor, sophomoric as some may find parts of it, was integral to the WWF formula, and it wasn't too offensive here.


I'll see for sure when I get there, but I believe that this was one of the few wrestling weddings where no wrestlers were part of the ceremony at any point. Then again, considering what was about to go down at the reception, that was probably a wise choice.

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