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[1991-07-13-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler


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Lawler is out in his PWI shirt being presented with an old piece of memorabilia from someone at PWI whose name I didn't recognize. Lawler makes sure to point out he wants more USWA coverage. Lawler then gets into business with Eric Embry. Lawler vs Leatherface takes place Monday night, and is quickly interrupted by Leatherface and his chainsaw. He saws the announcer's desk and then fumbles the chainsaw for the second time on this yearbook and Lawler has to improvise. Funny moment. Lawler attacks Leatherface, and soon the locker room clears and we have ourselves a big brawl. Fun segment, and I'm really impressed at how long they've managed to prolong the big match to settle the feud with Lawler and Embry once and for all. I just wish Gilbert was still around.

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I do remember Bob Smith. At a time when the Big Two were floundering, it was USWA coverage that kept me buying Apter mags. Weekly title changes, outrageous gimmick matches, blood, the Moondogs...it was like reading about wrestling on another planet for me. Lawler is presented with a picture of himself, Jim White, and Sam Bass in Lawler's very early days of wrestling. Lawler clarifies that Leatherface assaulted Lawler before their Monday night match and busted him open. This sets up another Lawler/Leatherface match and Lawler seems to be getting to the point that his mask will be on the line when Leatherface and his chainsaw make their appearance. The chainsaw dies and once again Leatherface is about to break down crying. Soon it's Lawler, Jarrett, and Fuller against Embry, Leatherface, and Prichard, but then the Barroom Brawlers overwhelm the babyfaces, but they're followed by Dundee and the DWB.


Good segment, would have had more impact if Leatherface had done a more effective job on the desk and the picture.

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The bit with the picture was oddly touching in a real-life way, as it drives home just how long Lawler's been big in the Memphis area. As for the brawl, it's one of the wildest I've ever seen in a territory where wild brawls have always been par for the course. Seldom do both dressing rooms empty like they do here, though. You could say that Lawler brought it on himself if you wanted to, but after all the weeks and months of crap he's had to put up with from the Texans, he's entitled to throw the first punch for once.


This brawl also highlights how many facets there are to this whole feud: Lawler/Embry, Prichard/Anthony, Jarrett and Fuller/Barroom Brawlers, and I'm sure there's at least one I'm forgetting. It seems like they were thinking about a multi-man match to wrap this all up, and if ever there was a time for War Games in the USWA (even under another name), it's now. By the way, nice to see Dundee helping out the faces; I wonder where he's been lately?

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Great segment! Leatherface has really grown on me since he started showing up. Even Lawler isn't afraid to scurry away when he's swinging the chainsaw around. Two straight weeks of crazy brawls at the end of the show. What I really want now is a 7 on 7 Texas vs. Tennessee concession stand brawl.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-13-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Jerry Lawler

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