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[1991-07-27-USWA-Memphis TV] Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl / Dirty White Boy, Eric Embry & Tom Prichard


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  • 3 months later...

DWB talks about how he's been trying to get his life in order lately, and he's trying to do the right thing these days. He appreciate the support from the fans. He mentions that he's been living with Kimberly for four years and that he loves her, and he asks her to marry him. This is blatant piggybacking of Savage/Liz, but it's appropriately Memphis cheap, as he doesn't have a ring or anything (or even a shirt!), nor does he bother to get on his knee. He should have asked someone for advice on etiquette.


We get a clip from MSC of Embry and Pritchard attacking DWB, while Tojo puts an abdominal claw on Paul Neighbors. They end up burying him in the Texas flag. Eddie Marlin and Bill Dundee finally make the save.


Back in the studio, DWB suggests that he and Kimberly get a partner to take on Team Texas. DWG suggests the well-known COUSIN HAROLD. Embry is out to mock this immediately, and who can blame him? Embry suggests that he's some idiot from the sticks, and Kimberly says "I'll have you know he's from West Memphis, Arkansas!", which makes me laugh. DWB takes exception to Embry trash talking Kimberly and this sets off a brawl with Eddie Marlin making the save and throwing some great punches. Paul Neighbors even comes out to get in his shots on Tojo! Embry finally gets the advantage by finding a trash can and knocking DWB unconscious. This is great stuff. The babyfaces clear the scene before this can go any farther. I love Memphis wrestling, and this segment, but let's see Embry get some real comeuppance.

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DWB cuts a humbled promo about how he's trying to turn his life around, then proposes to Kimberly. Yeah, the timing of this isn't suspicious at all. Kim gives sort of a half-hearted "yes." That all could have been done better.


Arena highlights of Anthony getting double-teamed by Embry & Prichard. Anthony is getting beaten down with the Texas flag as Tojo holds Paul Neighbors down with the stomach claw. Eventually Bill Dundee and a crew-cutted Eddie Marlin make the save. DWB wants some help in dealing with the Texas Boys, and Kimberly brings up the 6'9", 500 pound Cousin Harold. He's not a wrestler, but Anthony eventually seems sold on him. The heels' mocking of "Cousin HAHLD" is pretty funny. Another heel attack, and once again Eddie Marlin makes the save. I love Marlin but Embry should NOT be trading blows with him. Paul Neighbors then comes out and actually starts brawling with Tojo, which is kind of funny but also looks really terrible.


For a chaotic brawl this was pretty by-the-book. It had a few added wrinkles like Neighbors but I saw where this was going the instant the heels walked out, and that's exactly where it ended up.

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Tony Anthony proposes to Dirty White Girl and she says yes. This is no Savage/Elizabeth big moment and really came off cheap. Not sure why Embry has double straps on his tights as he always pulls them down. Arena clip shows Embry and Pritchard beating down DWB. I couldn’t tell what Tojo was doing to Paul Neighbors. Ah, it was the claw. It still seemed below the belt.


Don’t be talking bad about the Dirty White Girl. Studio brawl with everyone involved. I could not keep my eyes off Tojo and Neighbors and it was terrible brawling but fascinating to watch. Marlin and Neighbors were sporting shaved heads.

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I'm not sure if Kim was expecting Tony to propose or not; she acted like she was stunned that he would do something like that on TV, although she did say yes. It may be a pale imitation of Savage and Liz, but Tony's even less used to being a good guy than Savage is, so I'll cut him some slack in the manners department.


The rest of this was just weird. Shouldn't Tojo be suspended for a good long time after he tried to injure Neighbors with the claw? For that matter, if the claw's supposed to be a devastating hold, even for an old man like Tojo, shouldn't Neighbors still be in the hospital instead of on TV brawling with Tojo? As for Marlin, I don't particularly mind him getting up a burst of adrenaline and trading punches with Embry briefly, but both he and Neighbors should have completely shaved heads, not just crewcuts, since Embry obviously won their match. For whatever reason, Memphis has a history of only following through on hair matches if the heel loses; the faces get away with crewcuts or just short haircuts the likes of which you'd get at any barber shop.


Even though some of it happened at the top of the next segment, I might as well cover all the Cousin Harold stuff in one place. First of all, was Stan Frazier still alive? If he was, this sounds like him under yet another gimmick, which may be why the TV audience doesn't see him. Marlin being the special referee for the tag match would have been good if they would have followed through with it; I don't know why they didn't, and it sounds like there might be another surprise in store for the Texas bunch. I enjoyed Embry and Prichard making fun of Cousin Harold as only they can; Prichard's ability to do imitations served this segment well, as he was hilarious with his imbecile voice talking Cousin Harold down.


Line of the segment: Kim's indignant "I'll have you know (Cousin Harold's) from West Memphis, Arkansas!" For someone who's subpar at best most of the time on the stick, she can get off a real goody or two from time to time.


I only hope that we find out what happened as a result of all this, because it sounds like classic Memphis for better or worse.

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  • 2 years later...

The proposal was clearly a poor imitation, but I can ignore that. Especially with a great brawl like this. That's what, 3 awesome studio brawls in a month? One thing I do like about Tojo showing up all the time is the loyalty. He's a guy who made the territory money when he was working and too often guys like that just get cut loose in wrestling. It's nice to see Jarrett showing his appreciation for the work Tojo put in and keeping him employed.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-27-USWA-Memphis TV] Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl / Dirty White Boy, Eric Embry & Tom Prichard

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