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We get a clip of Diamond Studd vs Yellow Dog from WCW Saturday Night. DDP eats a dropkick off the apron! Hall looks pretty green here, which is crazy considering how long he had been wrestling at this point. He unmasks the Dog, but Zenk runs into cover his face and save him. Paul E. is outraged by Pillman making a mockery of the rules, and the men who slaved over the rulebook in the early 1900s! Funny!

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Paul E has evidence of Brian Pillman as Yellow Dog. Clip from match against Diamond Studd. Did the switch not go on for Hall until he showed up in WWF? He unmasks Yellow Dog. Heyman is yelling to get a close up off Dog's face and you can't help but think that he too finds WCW's TV production to be awful.

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Heyman has a point here, obviously, but just like when he was the Midnight Rider, Dusty books this mask angle as almost a deliberate rib on the heels. I know that we the fans are supposed to know who the guy in the mask is in a situation like this; it's part of the fun of the angle. But there's something almost mocking in the way Dusty books this type of angle.


I guess the best comparison I can make is to the Machines angle in the WWF. Everybody knew Andre was the Giant Machine, but it wasn't rubbed in Heenan's face constantly by others to make him look like an idiot. He certainly looked like an idiot on his own, but that's because the announcers and officials denied with a straight face that Andre was the Giant Machine despite Heenan's protests. Here, it's all wink-and-a-nod stuff, almost like they're telling the heels, "We know it's Pillman, you know it's Pillman, we know that you know it's Pillman, and you know that we know it's Pillman. But try and prove it, you incompetent suckers! Nah-na-na-nah-nah!"


Heyman was pretty decent here, and a bit more low-key than usual.


It's interesting that something as easy to screw up as covering Pillman's face with a towel was used to conceal his identity; one slip the wrong way from Zenk and the jig was up for good.


I didn't notice much about Hall's performance at all. I'd like to see a full match of his as the Diamond Studd at one point to compare how he worked that gimmick with how he worked Razor Ramon.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-28-WCW-Main Event] Danger Zone

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